ACoP14 Showcases Pharmacometric Tools on JuliaHub in November Workshops

By JuliaHub | Oct 27, 2023

This November, the American Conference on Pharmacometrics (ACoP) is featuring two workshops created by PumasAI – a healthcare intelligence firm with powerful tools for scientific modeling, machine learning, and clinical trial simulation built on the JuliaHub platform.  

The theme of ACoP’s 14th annual meeting is “Innovation & Diversity: Redefining Pharmacometrics.” Advancements that the PumasAI team has been able to achieve from using the flexible and fast Julia language have shown significant resource and time savings for pharmaceutical companies as they prepare for regulatory approval of a new therapy.

ACoP14 attendees have the opportunity to sign up for two PumasAI workshops, including Scientific Modeling Augmented by Machine Learning with DeepPumas and the Advanced Clinical Trial Simulations Workshop.

Workshop 1: Scientific Modeling Augmented by Machine Learning with DeepPumas

Occurring November 4-5, 2023, PumasAI scientists Niklas Korsbo, PhD, Mohamed Tarek, PhD, and Jose Storopoli, PhD have prepared an immersive journey into the world of scientific modeling augmented by machine learning with DeepPumas. This hands-on workshop is designed to bridge the gap between mechanistic, statistical, and machine learning modeling, opening new possibilities for scientific advancement.

Those who attend this pharmacometrics workshop will gain the following knowledge:

  • Hands-on experience with Pumas and DeepPumas software.
  • Understand the fundamentals of neural networks and their application.
  • Dive into neural-embedded dynamical systems, including Neural Differential Equations (ODEs). and Universal Differential Equations (UDEs).
  • Explore Mixed-Effect Neural Networks (MeNets) for individualizable models.
  • Learn how to integrate machine learning for prognostic factor identification in longitudinal models.
  • Compose these techniques to enable a semi-mechanistic scientific machine-learning approach.

After this workshop, attendees will have a stronger understanding of the possibilities in revolutionizing scientific modeling in the healthcare arena and bridging machine learning and traditional scientific modeling in the same tool. This includes a detailed look into what DeepPumas can illustrate in the areas of tumor size modeling, survival modeling, and exploring joint tumor size inhibition and overall survival models. 

View the full agenda for this workshop here

Workshop 2: Advanced Clinical Trial Simulations Workshop

The second workshop by PumasAI occurs at the conclusion of the ACoP14 conference from November 8-9, 2023, and will be presented by Drs. Haden Bunn, Andrew Lucas, Andreas Noack, Joel Owen, Amit Roy, and Jose Eduardo Storopoli. This Advanced Clinical Trial Simulations Workshop is geared toward experienced scientists with pharmacometrics training who have led or been involved in Model-Informed Drug Development (MIDD) projects. 

MIDD has been a growing area of focus in the pharmaceutical industry. 

For background, MIDD is a scientific approach that integrates mathematical and computational models with clinical trial data to optimize drug development processes. It helps pharmaceutical researchers make informed decisions regarding drug dosing, safety, efficacy, and regulatory submissions, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective drug development. 

Throughout the workshop, attendees will see and use the Pumas modeling and simulation tool that provides the pharmaceutical industry with a flexible and powerful interface for setting up simulation models, creating patient populations, and simulating clinical trials using high-performance computing.

The Advanced Clinical Trial Simulations Workshop will provide pharmacometricians with the ability to:

  • Adopt good simulation practices.
  • Gain an overview of the Pumas modeling and simulation ecosystem.
  • Learn how to generate patient populations under specific criteria.
  • Master clinical trial simulation qualifications and boost computational power for large simulations.
  • Perform post-processing and visualizations of clinical trial simulations for reporting.
  • Understand the strategy behind precedent-setting MIDD case studies, featuring a full workflow.

In preparation for the Advanced Clinical Trial Simulations Workshop, there are three pre-workshop tasks that must be completed prior to joining the event, including verification of a JuliaHub login and access to Pumas, viewing Pumas onboarding video tutorials, and running the initial modeling fitting and estimation. 

View the full agenda for this workshop here.

Technology is reshaping healthcare, and these workshops will help scientists prepare for and embrace that notion. The intersection of scientific modeling, machine learning, and clinical trial simulations will be on display by the PumasAI team through unique, hands-on experiences. As scientists put these learnings and tools into practice, there is a great potential to significantly speed regulatory decisions to ultimately benefit patients and society at large. 

For more information, or to register for ACoP14, go to www.go-acop.org

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