Announcing the Release of JuliaHub 6.4 - Package Metrics, Dash.jl Templates, Web App Hosting, and More

By Jasmine Chokshi | Dec 06, 2023

We’re pleased to announce the rollout of JuliaHub  6.4. This release improves the user experience while introducing powerful features to improve analytics, collaboration, project deployment, and more. Here are a few highlights.

Web App Hosting

We’re most excited to share an early version of our web app hosting, including Dash.jl templates. Developers can now build and host their JuliaHub Projects directly on juliahub.com as standalone WebApps deployed as Dash applications. The ability to use Dash.jl templates opens up possibilities for building dynamic web applications. To view possible uses in detail, head to our Dash Examples page.

Package Usage Insights 

Lack of analytics insights leads to poor visibility of package utilization across projects. This information gap can make it challenging to understand the dynamics of package usage, hindering decision-making. Now Enterprise admin users can view insights into package usage. More details are available here

Improved Merge

Developers can more easily control and resolve merge conflicts in their projects with the new “Manual Merge'' feature. Now collaborators can edit the same project without worrying about conflicting modules.

More Info on Jobs 

A new UI for the Job Details page features additional information about jobs (including metrics, logs, machine specifications, image information) on the same page. 

Pinned Notebooks

Admins can now pin public notebooks that are displayed in end-users’ Notebooks page as a featured item. The carousel display shows featured Notebooks with custom thumbnail pictures enhancing visibility. Additionally, the Notebooks landing page is now revamped to show tags, owner, and last modified date of all the notebooks in list view for easy accessibility. We have enhanced our platform to display static notebook previews even for unevaluated notebooks. 

Full Release Notes

There are lots more in this release including more control over private registries for Enterprise users. You can review the full set of release notes here.

Looking Ahead 

We’re already working on new features for the next release including advancements in static code analysis tooling with Semgrep. Keep an eye on our blog as we roll out this new functionality. 

For more about JuliaHub or to try it out visit our Overview page and you can find a button to Start for Free.


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