JuliaHub Welcomes Brad Carman as Director of Consulting Services

By Mischa St. Amand | Nov 15, 2023

JuliaHub is excited to announce the appointment of Brad Carman as our new Director of Consulting Services. Brad has over two decades of experience in model-based innovation and design. He brings with him a wealth of experience in modeling and simulation, and a deep understanding of the potential of modeling to tackle real-world product challenges, making him a valuable addition to JuliaHub’s team.

During his 15-year-long tenure at Instron and ITW, Brad was at the forefront of innovation, working on a diverse range of domains covering hydraulics, controls, heat transfer, vibrations, simulation, rigid body dynamics, and software. Most recently, he led the successful modeling and simulation of a hydraulic crash simulation system with JuliaSim and ModelingToolkit.jl, resulting in an optimal workflow with 500x speedup, cutting runtime from months to hours. The resultant configuration Catapult Light was not only simpler and cost-effective but also provided performance and precision only possible with a lower gain system.

This project also marked the beginning of Brad’s fascination with the Julia programming language, ModelingToolkit.jl, and JuliaSim, as he applied acausal modeling to streamline complex design scenarios for Instron’s Hydropuls Catapult System. Brad holds a Master's in Science in Thermal Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Central Florida. 

"As a fan of Julia and modeling, for me, it is a dream come true to help build the modeling tools of the future,” said Brad Carman about this new role. “JuliaHub's innovative approach to technology and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the field of modeling and engineering innovation align perfectly with my passion and expertise. I'm thrilled to be part of a team that's dedicated to shaping the future of this industry, and I look forward to contributing my knowledge and experience to accelerate breakthroughs and deliver state-of-the-art solutions for our clients." 

In JuliaSim and ModelingToolkit.jl, Brad sees unprecedented potential. "JuliaSim and ModelingToolkit.jl have the potential to revolutionize how we solve real-world problems by making modeling more accessible and efficient for a wider range of industries and applications.”

“We are thrilled to have Brad join us in this pivotal role as Director of Consulting Services,” said Deepak Vinchhi, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of JuliaHub. “We are also pleased to announce our new consulting division, providing comprehensive solutions to our clients. Our consulting arm will empower us to offer strategic expertise in areas such as modeling, simulation, SciML, data analytics, physics, engineering, and the sciences. Our consulting practice will enable us to showcase the value of JuliaSim to our customers and help us sell JuliaSim product licenses”. 

Brad's appointment as Director of Consulting Services highlights JuliaHub's commitment to providing customers with top-tier expertise and innovative solutions. We are delighted to have Brad as part of our team and confident that his expertise will play a significant role in advancing the frontiers of modeling and product innovation.

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