Introducing CedarWaves: A Paradigm Shift in Analog Circuit Verification

By Glen Hertz | Jul 05, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of CedarWaves, a state-of-the-art solution engineered to redefine analog circuit simulation, verification, and waveform analysis.

Deep Insights with Internal Signal Verification

Historically, tools for analog design verification have predominantly focused on top-level testing, utilizing specialized testbenches. This strategy often overlooks the dynamics of the interaction between components of vital internal signals.  CedarWaves offers reusable verification checks across testbenches, offering a comprehensive perspective on circuit performance.  This facilitates early error detection and expedites the debugging process, consequently enhancing the overall quality of design.

Robust Waveform Measurements

CedarWaves equips users with the capability to verify waveforms with a robust measurement functionality.  It is designed to work reliably even in the presence of glitches and can help identify unwanted patterns in signals. With trusted measurements verification can be automated to relieve the designer of manual verification and improve their productivity.

Customizable with Performance

In acknowledgment of the inherent complexity in analog signals, CedarWaves enables the creation of custom verification functions. This adaptability allows for a tailored verification process that can precisely meet the unique requirements inherent to analog designs. Analog signals typically have hundreds of times more data points than digital waveforms and CedarWaves achieves high performance, even with custom analysis functions.

The CedarWaves Advantage

The benefits offered by CedarWaves significantly elevate the design process:

  1. Early Error Detection: CedarWaves allows for the early identification of design errors, potentially saving substantial costs associated with late-stage modifications.
  2. Efficient Debugging: Comprehensive test coverage provided by CedarWaves facilitates the pinpointing of design issues, thereby saving valuable debugging time.
  3. Improved Design Quality: CedarWaves enhances the reliability and robustness of designs through its continuous testing and verification capabilities.
  4. Confidence in Tapeout: When failure costs are high, CedarWaves' maximized test coverage is crucial.
  5. Custom Verification Flows: CedarWaves allows for easy construction of tailored, reusable verification processes, leading to efficient and productive design workflows.
  6. Increased Innovation: CedarWaves' robust test coverage encourages designers to explore novel solutions by reducing the risks associated with changes.
  7. Compatibility Across Multiple File Formats:  CedarWaves supports common wavefile formats for seamless integration with existing workflows.

CedarWaves represents the next level of innovation in analog circuit verification. Start utilizing this advanced tool today to experience the future of analog circuit verification and internal signal analysis.

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