Genie App Competition 2024 for Prizes

By Jasmine Chokshi | Jun 19, 2024

Build apps with Genie Builder on JuliaHub and win cash prizes!

Are you passionate about Julia and interested in sharing your technical innovations with a broader audience? If you've ever been inspired to create an intuitive and interactive dashboard, or a graphical interface for your Julia app or package, this is your chance to shine! 

We're announcing a competition hosted by JuliaHub to spotlight the most innovative web applications developed with Genie Framework's Genie Builder. The competition will take place between June 20th and August 31st, 2024, and you'll have the opportunity to win these prizes:

  • 1st Prize: USD 500 plus USD 500 in JuliaHub credits.
  • 2nd Prize: USD 250 plus USD 250 in credits.
  • 3rd Prize: USD 125 plus USD 125 in credits.

Entering the competition

To enter the competition, you'll need to create a new account on JuliaHub and develop your application on the platform using Genie Builder. To get started, see the Genie Builder on JuliaHub usage guide. 

You can also develop locally by installing the Genie Builder extension from the VSCode marketplace. If you’re a student or professor at a university, you can also request a free EDU license for Genie Builder. Once you’re done with development, deploy your app on JuliaHub to make it eligible for the competition

See the following video to learn more about building Genie apps: 



Once you've crafted your app, make sure to deploy it in either preview mode or a full deployment. Take a screenshot if you do not want to keep the app live. If you do want to keep the app live, you can also send us the URL of the app. To submit for the competition, submit it via this form .

Please make sure that when you create the project (collaborators/permissions) that it is public for all to view so that the links you send are viewable. Example:

The deadline for submissions is midnight GMT on August 31st.

We'll announce the winners some days after we have reviewed all the submissions. Note that only one submission per team or individual is allowed.

In terms of topic or scope, we primarily care about apps that solve problems. Some users submit apps that are a companion their conference or JuliaCon talk, others might show a compelling usage example for their favorite Julia package, or some cool visualization using real-world data. 

A committee will judge entries based on:

  • Problem Solving: the application addresses a significant challenge.
  • Innovation: creative use of Julia and Genie Framework.
  • User Experience: the application is both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Check out the app gallery for some inspiration!

Learn more about Genie

If you're new to Genie or need a refresher, here are some resources to help you get started:

Contact us for more information:

Remember, submissions close at midnight GMT on August 31st! Get building and good luck!

Terms and Conditions

Participation Eligibility: participants must register a new account on JuliaHub and develop their application using Genie Builder. Each participant or team is allowed only one submission.

Costs and Fees:

  • JuliaHub Usage: The first 20 hours on JuliaHub are free for new accounts. Thereafter, usage is charged at USD 0.2/hr to cover AWS costs.
  • Deployment Costs: deploying your app on JuliaHub costs USD 0.0627 per hour for a small machine, and USD 0.0945 per hour for a larger one. Deployments are not mandatory for submitting to the competition, a link to the source code is sufficient.

Submission Deadline: all applications must be submitted by midnight GMT on August 31st, 2024. Winners will be announced shortly after the evaluation process.

Use of Applications: by submitting an application to the competition, participants grant Genie and JuliaHub the right to use their applications for promotional and marketing purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, showcasing the applications on websites, in demonstrations, and in promotional materials.

Intellectual Property: participants retain ownership of their submissions, but by entering the competition, you allow JuliaHub and Genie to use your project for promotional activities without further compensation.

Privacy: participant information will be used solely in accordance with federal and state laws, and will not be sold to third parties.

Amendments: JuliaHub and Genie reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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