Instron Uses JuliaSim to Conduct Auto Crash Simulation and Modeling 500x Faster

By JuliaHub | Oct 31, 2023

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Faster Surrogate Model Simulation - Accelerating Inverse PDE Problems

Dr. Ranjan Anantharaman, JuliaHub Sales Engineer

Tue Oct 31, 1-2 pm Eastern (US)

Building Custom Julia Packages and Private Registry Management

Deep Datta, JuliaHub Product Director

Wed Nov 1, 1:30-2:30 pm Eastern (US)

Accelerating New Product Design with Improved Crash Simulation Modeling: An Instron Case Study

Dr. Ranjan Anantharaman, JuliaHub Sales Engineer Customer Guest

Wed Nov 8, 1:00-2:00 pm Eastern (US)

Accelerating Simulations Using JuliaSimCompiler

Yingbo Ma, JuliaHub Engineering Team Lead

Wed Nov 29, 2-3 pm Eastern (US)

JuliaCon Local Eindhoven: The first ever JuliaCon local event takes place in Eindhoven, Netherlands on December 1, 2023. Talk proposals are due November   1.

Instron Uses JuliaSim to Conduct Auto Crash Simulation & Modeling 500x Faster: Instron uses a proprietary catapult system to simulate automobile crashes. By migrating to JuliaSim, they are now able to conduct auto crash simulation and modeling 500x faster. Click here to learn more. 

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JuliaHub Showcases JuliaSim at the 2023 International Modelica Conference: Dr. Chris Rackauckas (JuliaHub VP Modeling and Simulation) showcased the new JuliaSim modeling system for a standing room only crowd at the 2023 International Modelica Conference. The presentation highlighted many new features for integrating scientific machine learning into a graphical component-based modeling system. Tooling for automated discovery of unknown physics, generating neural surrogate models to accelerate high-fidelity simulations, and the high performance solvers of Julia’s SciML demonstrate how JuliaSim can improve the efficiency of industrial control and design.



Quantitative Systems Pharmacology - Delivering Results 37x Faster: Dr. Elisabeth Roesch (JuliaHub Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Sales Engineer) has published a new blog post describing how one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies uses Julia to dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of pharmacological modeling and simulation. Click here for more.

Julia at SC23: Dr. Johannes Blaschke (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center) will present Julia for HPC and Survey of Technologies for Developers of Parallel Applications: Julia at SC23 in Denver November 12-17. Click here for more information.

Dynamic Programming: Nobel Laureate Thomas J. Sargent and John Stachurski have published Dynamic Programming, a new book that uses Julia to present “dynamic programming and its applications in economics, finance, and adjacent fields like operations research. It brings together recent innovations in the theory of dynamic programming and also provides related applications and computer code.” Click here to download.

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Julia with Physics in Portuguese: Francisco Adeil Gomes de Araújo and Meirivâni Oliveira have published Julia com Física: uma Introdução, a free book now available for download. Click here to download and click here for the Website.

Research Software Engineering with Julia: Stuttgart University SimTech’s Research Software Engineering Summer School Julia course materials are available for free online. This summer school course was conducted Oct 9-13.

Free Compute on JuliaHub (20 hours): In addition to the features JuliaHub has always offered for free – Julia ecosystem search, package registration tools, a dedicated package server – the platform now also gives every user 20 hours of free compute. This allows people to seamlessly share Pluto notebooks and IDE projects with others and let them get their feet wet with computing without having to open up their wallets. Click here to get started or check out Deep Datta’s introductory video, “JuliaHub Is a Free Platform to Start Your Technical Computing Journey”, where he explains how and why to start using JuliaHub for cloud computing.

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