Julia at the Intel AI Day, Bangalore 2017

By Rajshekar Behar | Apr 24, 2017

Bengaluru, India - Julia Computing featured at one of India's most prominent AI conferences, demonstrating two very powerful Deep Learning use cases the company is trying to solve using Julia on Intel's hardware.

The two day event was organized and crafted to showcase robust AI-supporting hardware and software solutions from Intel and it's partners.

Julia Computing Inc, one of Intel's partners from India, took centre-stage on day two for their demonstrations. The first of the two demos, namely Neural Styles caught the audience's fancy - building a neural network imposing the style of one image onto another.

Our very own Ranjan Anantharaman took a live picture of the audience and applied transforms to it in real-time.

The second demo targeted solving the serious problem of identifying if a person has symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy by taking only but an image of his retina as an input, without any human intervention or prediction.

The following video holds a glimpse of what the two firms envision as the future of AI.

Julia Computing and Intel - Accelerating the AI revolution



Also see this whitepaper on Intel and Julia Computing working together on an AI stack.

About Julia

Julia is the simplest, fastest and most powerful numerical computing language available today. Julia combines the functionality of quantitative environments such as Python and R, with the speed of production programming languages like Java and C++ to solve big data and analytics problems. Julia delivers dramatic improvements in simplicity, speed, capacity, and productivity for data scientists, algorithmic traders, quants, scientists, and engineers who need to solve massive computational problems quickly and accurately.

Julia offers an unbeatable combination of simplicity and productivity with speed that is thousands of times faster than other mathematical, scientific and statistical computing languages.

Partners and users include: Intel, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Lincoln Laboratory (MIT), The Moore Foundation and a number of private sector finance and industry leaders, including several of the world’s leading hedge funds, investment banks, asset managers and insurers.

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