Julia in Finance Seminar in London on the 16th of March

By JuliaHub | Mar 03, 2017

Julia Computing invites you to the Julia in Finance Seminar in London on the 16th of March, organised in association with the CQF Institute. This event will introduce you to Julia, the easy-to-learn high-performance mathematical programming language that is taking the finance industry by storm.

The Julia in Finance Seminar takes place on Thursday, March 16th from 6:00 PM to 9 PM followed by refreshments and networking. The venue for this event is the Fitch Learning Center, The Corn Exchange, 55 Mark Lane, London, EC3R 7NE.

Come find out how quants, traders and data scientists from hedge funds, investment banks, and across financial services industry worldwide are using Julia to gain a mathematical computing advantage over their competitors by processing more data up to 1,000x faster than before. See how Julia enables innovation in the fintech and regtech sectors, helping companies and regulators keep ahead of a fast changing market.

There will be product demos, benchmarks, customer stories and use cases in Finance and Insurance, especially around trading, risk analytics and asset management among others.


Topic Speaker Time
Registration & Welcome   6:00 PM
Julia Computing - Company overview, vision and products Dr. Viral Shah, CEO, Julia Computing and Co-Creator of Julia language 6:10 PM
Large Scale Capital Allocation Models with Julia Tim Thornham, Financial Modeling Solutions Director, Aviva 6:30 PM
Demo of JuliaFin - Financial Contracts Made Easy Simon Byrne, Core Developer, Julia Computing 6:50 PM
Demo of JuliaRun - Limitless Scalability Avik Sengupta, VP Engineering, Julia Computing 7:10 PM
Microsoft Azure for Julia workloads Gonzalo Ruiz, CTO, Microsoft Accelerator 7:30 PM
Julia powered foreign exchange trading analytics at BestX Pete Eggleston, Co-Founder & Director, and Matt Hardcastle, Senior Architect, BestX Ltd 7:40 PM
Closing Remarks, refreshments and networking   8:00 PM


The event is free to attend in person, and will also be live-streamed worldwide.

About Julia

Julia is the simplest, fastest and most powerful numerical computing language available today. Julia combines the functionality of quantitative environments such as Python and R, with the speed of production programming languages like Java and C++ to solve big data and analytics problems. Julia delivers dramatic improvements in simplicity, speed, capacity, and productivity for data scientists, algorithmic traders, quants, scientists, and engineers who need to solve massive computational problems quickly and accurately.

Julia offers an unbeatable combination of simplicity and productivity with speed that is thousands of times faster than other mathematical, scientific and statistical computing languages.

Partners and users include: Intel, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Lincoln Laboratory (MIT), The Moore Foundation and a number of private sector finance and industry leaders, including several of the world’s leading hedge funds, investment banks, asset managers and insurers.

About Julia Computing, Inc.

Julia Computing, Inc. was founded in 2015 to develop products around Julia such as JuliaFin. These products help financial firms leverage the 1,000x improvement in speed and productivity that Julia provides for trading, risk analytics, asset management, macroeconomic modeling and other areas. Products of Julia Computing make Julia easy to develop, easy to deploy and easy to scale.

About CQF Institute

Part of Fitch Learning, the CQF Institute is the awarding body for the Certificate in Quantitative Finance and provides a platform for educating and building the quantitative finance community around the globe. Promoting the highest standard in practical financial engineering, the Institute offers its members exclusive access to educational content featured on the Institute website, keeping its members up to date on the latest quant finance industry practices.

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