JuliaCon 2024 Presentations Featuring JuliaHub Speakers

By Andrew Claster | Jul 02, 2024

We are excited to announce that JuliaHub will be a diamond sponsor at JuliaCon 2024 in Eindhoven. As always, JuliaHub has an impressive lineup of presentations for the conference. Here’s a preview of our speakers and topics you can look forward to:



Date and Time (Eindhoven)

Kristoffer Carlsson

App Support in Pkg

July 10, 15:00

Valentin Churavy, Mosè Giordano, Elliot Saba

BinaryBuilder Birds of a Feather

July 11, 14:00

Elliot Saba

BinaryBuilder 2: Return of the Compilers

July 11, 10:30

Keno Fischer,

Frames Catherine White

CedarEDA Tutorial: A Fresh Approach to Circuit Simulation

July 10, 11:30

Morten Piibeleht

CodeEvaluation.jl: Emulating Julia Code Evaluations

July 11, 15:10

Chris Rackauckas

Docs, CI Tests, Error Messages, and Interfaces in Julia's SciML

July 10, 15:00

Ashutosh Bharambe

HighDimPDE.jl: Solving High Dimensional PDEs Using Deep Learning

July 12, 11:00

Avik Sengupta

Horus - Robust Background Jobs in Julia

July 11, 10:10

Bradley Carman, Avinash Subramanian

How a Julia Backend Accelerates Model Based App Development

July 11, 16:05

Chris Rackauckas, Michael Tiller

Hierarchical Component-Based Modeling with ModelingToolkit.jl

July 9, 9:00

Sebastian Pfitzner

Infiltrator.jl - No-Overhead Breakpoints in Julia

July 11, 15:00

Matt Bauman

Introduction to Julia

July 9, 9:00

Keno Fischer, Shuhei Kadowaki

Julia Compiler Secrets - Static Analysis

July 11, 15:30

Tim Besard, Valentin Churavy, Katharine Hyatt

JuliaGPU BoF

July 11, 16:00

Panagiotis Georgakopoulos

JuliaHub's AskAI: Enhancing ChatGPT with Julia-Specific Context

July 10, 11:00

Gary Mansouri, Chris Rackauckas, Viral B. Shah

JuliaSim: Bringing Julia to Industrial Modeling and Simulation

July 10, 10:15

Avinash Subramanian

JuliaSim HVAC: Composing Thermo-Fluid Modeling with SciML

July 10 16:00

Michael Tiller

JuliaSim Modeling Language: Composing Complex Systems with MTK

July 10, 11:30

Andrew Claster

Julia User & Developer Survey 2024

July 10, 17:20

Nishanth H. Kottary

Kuber.jl: A Kubernetes Client for Julia

July 12, 15:30

Jameson Nash, Oscar Smith

Memory in Julia

July 10, 14:30

Gary Mansouri, Chris Rackauckas, Viral B. Shah

Model-Based Design for System Product Development

July 10, 10:50

Fredrik Bagge Carlson

Modeling and Simulation of Sampled-Data Systems

July 12, 11:30

Anas Abdelrehim,

Dhairya Gandhi

Modern CI/CD Machine Learning Workflows Using Julia

July 12, 12:00

Chris Rackauckas

Needs and Next Steps for Julia's SciML

July 11, 10:00

Gabriel Baraldi, Jeff Bezanson

New Ways to Compile Julia

July 11, 16:00

Tanmay Mohapatra

OpenAPI.jl for Easy HTTP APIs

July 10, 15:30

Rajeev Voleti

Optimal Cooperative Rendezvous Using AerialVehicles.jl

July 10, 17:20

Fredrik Ekre

Pkg En Route: the Logistics Behind the Package Manager

July 10, 16:30

Tanmay Mohapatra

Policy Enforcement in Julia Enterprise Applications with OPA

July 12, 10:10

Andrés Riedemann, Avinash Subramanian, Vinicius Viena

ProcessSimulator.jl: A Differentiable Chemical Process Simulator

July 10 16:10

Joris Kraak

Reactive Programmer Support Group

July 10, 14:30

Joris Kraak,

Anant Thazhemadam

Renovating Automated Dependency Management in Julia

July 10, 16:00

Panagiotis Georgakopoulos, Krystian Guliński

A Retrospect on Julia Web Services: HTTP, Performance and Memory

July 10, 15:00

Sathvik Bhagavan,

Sebastian Micluța- Câmpeanu

Robust Calibration of Industrial HVAC and Battery Systems

July 12, 16:00

Fredrik Ekre

Service Monitoring with Prometheus.jl

July 10, 17:00

Kristoffer Carlsson, Lilith Hafner, Elliot Saba

State of Julia 2024

July 10, 9:00

Chris Rackauckas

State of Julia's SciML Ecosystem

July 10, 14:00

Aayush Sabharwal

SymbolicIndexingInterface.jl: Symbolic Indexing for Everyone

July 10, 11:00

Dhairya Gandhi, Julian P. Samaroo

Train a Llama(2) in Julia!

July 11, 10:30

Tim Besard

Updates and Advances in CUDA.jl and oneAPI.jl

July 12, 15:00

Bradley Carman, Venkatesh Prasad

Updates to Standard Library & The Native DSL of ModelingToolkit

July 10, 12:00

Gabriel Baraldi, Cody Tapscott

Writing Allocation-Free Julia Code with AllocCheck.jl

July 11, 11:00

George Datseris, Fredrik Ekre,

Morten Piibeleht

Writing and Maintaining an Exceptional Documentation

July 9, 13:30

JuliaCon 2024 Presentations Featuring JuliaHub Speakers

JuliaCon 2024 Presentations Featuring JuliaHub Speakers

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