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By Jasmine Chokshi | Nov 23, 2023

JuliaCon Local Eindhoven 2023 kicks off next Friday (December 1, 2023), at the High Tech Campus Conference Center in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Co-hosted with PyData Eindhoven 2023, this conference promises a day filled with insights, innovations, and networking opportunities for Julia enthusiasts.

The conference showcases an impressive lineup of speakers including Jeff Bezanson, co-creator of the Julia language and co-founder of JuliaHub, and Dr. Chris Rackauckas, Vice President of Modeling for JuliaHub.

Jeff Bezanson's talk, titled "What's the Deal with Julia Binary Sizes?" is a must-attend session for anyone keen on optimizing their Julia applications. In this talk, Jeff will discuss Julia binary sizes and delve into optimization techniques using PackageCompiler.jl. If you've ever been mystified by the size of your artifacts, this talk promises to solve many of the questions you had. Jeff will not only explain the origins of those bytes but also share ongoing efforts to minimize them. However, the great news is that sizes have been decreasing over time, and Jeff will share information on new tools to help reduce them further. It's an opportunity to gain valuable insights and tips from one of the minds behind Julia and JuliaHub. 

Dr. Chris Rackauckas will be presenting  "NonlinearSolve.jl: Efficient rootfinding and solving of algebraic equations in Julia." His talk will focus on how NonlinearSolve.jl, a part of the SciML ecosystem, is a powerful tool for solving various problems, from stiff differential equations to ball trajectory calculations and inverse problems. The efficiency, stability, and performance of NonlinearSolve.jl make it a go-to tool for tackling nonlinear equations. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into how SciML's powerful system operates. Chris is known for his contributions to Scientific Machine Learning (SciML) and his work on JuliaSim.

Anyone interested in GPU programming in Julia will find comprehensive information in Tim Besard’s “GPU Programming in Julia: What, Why and How?” The talk deals with the fundamental question of why GPU programming matters, covering the basics of GPU programming and its potential to enhance the speed of scientific computations significantly. Explore Julia’s compatibility with numerous GPU back-ends such as CUDA, AMDGPU, and OpenCL. The presentation also ventures into more advanced topics offering a unique perspective into profiling GPU code and optimizing kernels, with a spotlight on CUDA.jl as the most mature GPU back-end for Julia.

Also not to be missed is “Fast nearest-neighbor queries in Julia using NearestNeighbors.jl” a talk by Kristoffer Carlsson. NearestNeighbors.jl, a Julia package, revolutionizes fast nearest-neighbor queries through efficient implementation of space-partitioning data structures like kd-trees and ball trees. This session offers a short background on these tree data structures, with insights into their functionality and significance. It explores how NearestNeighbors.jl enhances performance not only through algorithmic improvements, reducing time complexity from O(n^2) to O(nlog(n)), but also through meticulous implementation considerations.

One of the additional highlights of the event is the Pluto Workshop, scheduled a day before the conference. This workshop offers attendees the chance to dive deeper into the intricacies of Julia, particularly focusing on Pluto.jl, the reactive notebook environment for Julia that has gained popularity for its interactive and intuitive nature.

The conference promises to be a hub of knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and inspiration for Julia enthusiasts, researchers, and industry leaders. With the added collaboration with PyData Eindhoven 2023, the event is set to be a melting pot of diverse perspectives and expertise. JuliaCon Local Eindhoven 2023 is not just a conference; it's a celebration of the vibrant and innovative Julia programming language and its ever-growing community. 

If you would like to participate in the event, tickets are still available here.

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