JuliaCon 2023 Presentations Featuring JuliaHub Presenters

By Andrew Claster | Sep 14, 2023

JuliaHub presenters took part in at least 24 presentations during JuliaCon 2023 July 26-28 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. These presentations are now available on YouTube, along with more than 200 other JuliaCon 2023 presentations. Click here to watch all JuliaCon 2023 presentations, or click the links below to watch each video.


JuliaHub Presenter or Co-Presenter

Keynote - Julia’s SciML: Scientific Machine Learning Through Symbolic Numerics

Dr. Chris Rackauckas, VP Modeling and Simulation

JuliaHub Sponsor Talk

Dr. Viral Shah, CEO and Co-Founder, and Dr. Chris Rackauckas, VP Modeling and Simulation

Julia User & Developer Survey Results

Andrew Claster, Marketing and Communications

Shipping Julia Packages with System Images

Venkateshprasad Bhat, Software Engineer, and Joris Kraak, JuliaSim Technical Team Lead

Package Extensions

Kristoffer Carlsson, Software Engineer

Continuous Improvement of the CI Ecosystem in Julia

Dr. Eliot Saba, Senior Research Engineer, and Anant Thazhemadam, Software Developer

What's New in the Julia Extension for VS Code

Sebastian Pfitzner, Software Engineer

What's New with JET.jl

Shuhei Kadowaki, Software Engineer

MarkdownAST.jl: Abstract Syntax Tree Interface for Markdown

Dr. Morten Piibeleht, Software Engineer

State of Julia

Jameson Nash, Software Engineer

Linear Analysis of ModelingToolkit Models

Dr. Fredrik Bagge Carlson, Control Systems Team Lead

Julia Application Builders

Joris Kraak, JuliaSim Technical Team Lead

Update on oneAPI.jl Developments

Dr. Tim Besard, Software Engineer

Surrogatizing Dynamic Systems Using JuliaSim: An Introduction

Sharan Yalburgi, Research Engineer

Making a Julia Release

Kristoffer Carlsson, Software Engineer

SciML: Novel Scientific Discoveries Through Composability

Vaibhav Dixit, Software Engineer

Intro to Modeling with ModelingToolkitStandardLibrary

Dr. Fredrik Bagge Carlson, Control Systems Team Lead, and Venkateshprasad Bhat, Software Engineer

Geometric Control of a Quadrotor: Simulation and Visualization

Rajeev Voleti, JuliaSim Control

A Brief History of the Julia Repository

Kristoffer Carlsson, Software Engineer

Accelerating Model Predictive Control with Machine Learning

Dr. Avinash Subramanian, Control Engineer

An Opinionated, but Configurable, GitLab CI Process for Julia

Joris Kraak, JuliaSim Technical Team Lead

Declaratively Imposing Constraints Using ValueConstraints.jl

Joris Kraak, JuliaSim Technical Team Lead

Logging in Julia: Logging stdlib and LoggingExtras.jl

Dr. Frames Catherine White, EDA & Compiler Engineer

Leveraging Open Standards, Multiple Shooting and Neural Model AutoComplete in QSP Workflows

Dr. Paul Lang, Software Engineer and Sebastian Micluta-Câmpeanu, Software Engineer





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