JuliaHub & Julia Ranked #12 in the Debut of Redpoint’s Open-source Top 25

By Mischa St. Amand | Mar 24, 2023

As Julia adoption continues to grow, we’re thrilled to see it achieving recognition in the larger technology market. Members of the venture team at Redpoint (Jason Warner, Sai Senthilkumar, and Scott Raney) unveiled their Open-source Top 25 tracking the next generation of open-source providers, companies they identify as following in the footsteps of industry leaders including MongoDB, Confluent, and Databricks. JuliaHub and Julia were 12th in the overall ranking and third in the category of Frameworks and Runtimes. The list was selected from a field of more than two hundred venture-backed organizations. 


The rankings are built on four key components (with different weights):

  • Adoption - GitHub stars, GitHub contributors, GitHub watchers
  • Momentum - Rate at which stars, contributors, and watchers are added
  • Usage -  Rate at which a project is forked, # of issues, # of pull requests
  • Health -  Percentage of  issues closed, downtime, release cadence


For detailed information on the ranking system, the Redpoint team provided a publicly available dashboard of their ranking data. 

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