JuliaHub Receives $13 Million Strategic Investment from AE Industrial Partners HorizonX

By JuliaHub | Jun 27, 2023

Cambridge, MA and Boca Raton, FL - JuliaHub has announced a $13 million strategic new investment led by AE Industrial Partners HorizonX (“AEI HorizonX”). AEI HorizonX is AE Industrial Partners' venture capital investment platform formed in partnership with The Boeing Company.

Based in Cambridge, MA, JuliaHub is a leader in technical computing and scientific machine learning. JuliaHub was founded by the creators of Julia, an open-source programming language that solves the two language problem by combining the ease of Python with the speed of C++. Julia allows researchers, engineers and developers who previously used different programming languages to share a common language to design, build and deploy technical systems. The JuliaHub platform is the perfect companion for the Julia developer, providing collaboration, private package development, parallel and GPU computing, reproducibility, governance, and a host of features that accelerate the development of mission-critical products in regulated industries.

“We are very excited by this new strategic investment from AEI HorizonX,” said Dr. Viral Shah, Chief Executive Officer of JuliaHub. “In recent years, Julia’s superior speed and ease of use have been put to work for pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and United Therapeutics, and for aerospace applications at NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing. This investment allows us to continue to develop and help deploy Julia’s capabilities across all industries.”

Julia is seeing rapid adoption by companies that leverage computational methods to accelerate product design in engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, finance and semiconductor design. It is being used today for drone guidance, aircraft collision avoidance, planning space missions, robot control and much more.

“The opportunity to leverage scientific machine learning is greater than ever in aerospace, and JuliaHub is the enabling platform,” said Tyler Rowe, Principal at AEI HorizonX. “We have been impressed with the leadership team and JuliaHub’s ability to solve the two language problem, and we are excited to partner with them. We are prepared to help JuliaHub accelerate adoption in priority markets with our resources.”

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About JuliaHub: JuliaHub, founded by the creators of Julia, is a fast and easy-to-use code-to-cloud platform that accelerates the development and deployment of Julia programs, including artificial intelligence (AI) and scientific machine learning (SciML). JuliaHub users include innovative companies in a range of industries including aviation, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, automotive, energy, manufacturing, and semiconductors.

About Julia: Julia is a high performance, open source programming language that powers computationally demanding applications in modeling and simulation, drug development, design of multi-physical systems, electronic design automation, big data analytics, scientific machine learning and artificial intelligence. Julia solves the two language problem by combining the ease of use of Python and R with the speed of C++. Julia provides parallel computing capabilities out of the box and unlimited scalability with minimal effort. Julia has been downloaded by users at more than 10,000 companies and is used at more than 1,500 universities. Julia co-creators are the winners of the prestigious James H. Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software and the Sidney Fernbach Award.

About AEI HorizonX: AEI HorizonX was formed as Boeing's corporate venture capital arm in 2017 and is now managed by AE Industrial Partners, a private equity firm specializing in aerospace, defense & government services, space, power & utility services, and specialty industrial markets, with $5 billion of assets under management. AEI HorizonX is an active participant in venture capital within its core strategic areas of focus, investing in more than 50 startups globally and building numerous relationships and partnerships across the aerospace, technology, and investing ecosystem. Learn more at www.aeroequity.com/horizon-x/.

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