Newsletter July 2023 - JuliaHub Receives $13 Million Strategic Investment from Boeing-Backed AEI HorizonX

By JuliaHub | Jul 17, 2023

JuliaHub Receives $13 Million Strategic Investment from Boeing-Backed AEI HorizonX: JuliaHub has announced a $13 million strategic investment from AEI HorizonX, a venture capital investment platform formed by Boeing and AE Industrial Partners. This funding announcement was covered by Boston Business Journal, Washington Technology, AlleyWatch, Defense Daily, HPCWire, FinSMEs, ExecutiveBiz and Semiconductor Engineering. Click here for more information.
JuliaHub Presentations at JuliaCon: JuliaHub presenters will be part of at least 25 presentations during JuliaCon, including a keynote featuring Dr. Chris Rackauckas (JuliaHub VP of Modeling and Simulation), the JuliaHub sponsor talk featuring Dr. Viral Shah (JuliaHub CEO, Co-Founder & Julia co-creator) and Dr. Chris Rackauckas, the results of the 2023 Julia User & Developer Survey featuring Andrew Claster (JuliaHub Marketing & Communications) and State of Julia featuring Jameson Nash (JuliaHub Software Engineer). The full list of JuliaCon presentations featuring JuliaHub presenters is available here.
JuliaHub.jl First Release for Programmatic Access to JuliaHub: The first public version of JuliaHub.jl is now available. More information is available here.
Introducing CedarWaves: A Paradigm Shift in Analog Circuit Verification: CedarWaves is a state-of-the-art solution from JuliaHub engineered to redefine analog circuit simulation, verification, and waveform analysis. Click here for more information.
Traceability Dashboard for Audit Events: JuliaHub is introducing a new traceability dashboard to make it easy for administrators to view, filter, sort, and download audit events, which may be necessary for compliance and accountability. Click here to learn more.
Pluto Notebooks Competition - Cash Prizes: JuliaHub is hosting a competition to highlight the best examples of Pluto notebooks being used in industry. Click here for more information and to submit. The submission deadline is August 1. Notebooks will be judged based on 3 criteria:
  1. Subject Matter: Does it solve an interesting problem?
  2. Presentation: How interactive is it and what kind of output visualization does it include?
  3. Package Usage: How well does it use Julia package(s) / JuliaHub?
Notebooks that discuss an interesting problem and how it was solved are preferred, as opposed to purely instructional notebooks. The prizes are:
  • 1st Prize winner gets: $500 Cash + $500 Hours worth of free compute on JuliaHub
  • 2nd Prize winner gets: $300 Cash + $300 Hours worth of free compute on JuliaHub
  • 3rd Prize winner gets: $150 Cash + $150 Hours worth of free compute on JuliaHub
Free Compute on JuliaHub (20 hours): In addition to the features JuliaHub has always offered for free – Julia ecosystem search, package registration tools, a dedicated package server – the platform now also gives every user 20 hours of free compute. This allows people to seamlessly share Pluto notebooks and IDE projects with others and let them get their feet wet with computing without having to open up their wallets. Click here to get started or check out Deep Datta’s introductory video, “ JuliaHub Is a Free Platform to Start Your Technical Computing Journey”, where he explains how and why to start using JuliaHub for cloud computing.
JuliaCon 2023: Tickets are still available for JuliaCon 2023! Click here to register. JuliaCon will be held in person for the first time since 2019, and will be held at MIT for the first time since 2016. JuliaCon will take place July 25-29. JuMP-dev, SciMLCon and ASE60 will all take place during JuliaCon this year.
  1. Keynote Speakers:  Dr. Christopher Rackauckas, Dr. Stephen Wolfram, Dr. Rumman Chowdhury and Dr. Tim Davis
  2. Sponsorship: Sponsorship is available at many levels, from $2,000 for Bronze sponsorship to $45,000 for Diamond sponsorship. Current and recent sponsors include: JuliaHub, ASML, Pumas-AI, QuEra Computing, RelationalAI, Jolin.io, Beacon Biosignals, MIT CSAIL, NAWA, NumFOCUS, Julius Technologies, Intel, AWS, Invenia Labs, Google, EVN, DataChef, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Tangent Works, Replit, Capital One, Nvidia, Microsoft, Alan Turing Institute, Zapata, Metalenz, G-Research, Conning, Jeffrey Sarnoff and more.
  3. Julia Community Prize: Is there someone who you would like to see recognized for their contributions to the Julia language and/or community? Nominations are open now. Please note that past winners are not eligible.
  4. ASE60: In addition to hosting the first in-person JuliaCon since 2019, MIT will also be hosting a 60th birthday celebration for Julia co-creator and JuliaHub co-founder Alan Edelman during JuliaCon on July 27 and July 28. Professor Edelman created the JuliaLab at MIT and is winner of the Gordon Bell Prize, Chauvenet Prize, Sidney Fernbach Award and many others. The title of the birthday celebration is Synergistic Interactions Between Theory and Computation and the star-studded program includes presentations by Roman Vershynin, Misha Kilmer, Alex Townsend, Gil Strang, Chris Rackauckas, Folkmar Bornemann, Steven Smith, Daniel Spielman, Stephen Wolfram, Nick Trefethen, Zhaojun Bai, John Urschel, Jeremy Kepner, Sherry Li, Juan Pablo Vielma, John Gilbert, Raffaele Ferrari, Justin Solomon and Steven Johnson.
2023 Google Summer of Code and SciML Summer Fellowship: Click here to meet this year’s Google Summer of Code and SciML summer fellows and learn about the projects they are working on.
Julia Workshop for High Energy Physics: The Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics (ECAP) is hosting a Julia workshop for High Energy Physics November 6-9. Registration for in-person and online participation and call for abstracts are open now. Places for in-person participation are limited, so please register as soon as possible. Click here for more information.
Julia for Forecasting Virus Outbreaks Using Social Media Data with Neural Ordinary Differential Equations: Dr. Chris Rackauckas, JuliaHub VP of Modeling and Simulation, has co-authored a new paper in Nature - Scientific Reports titled Forecasting Virus Outbreaks with Social Media Data via Neural Ordinary Differential Equations. More information is available here
Julia for Fluid Dynamics: Scientific Machine Learning for Modeling and Simulating Complex Fluids is a new paper featuring Julia in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Click here for more.
Julia for Monkeypox: The Role of Vaccination and Public Awareness in Forecasts of Mpox Incidence in the United Kingdom is a new paper featuring Julia published in Nature - Communications. Click here for more information.
Converting from Proprietary Software to Julia: Are you looking to leverage Julia’s superior speed and ease of use, but limited due to legacy software and code? JuliaHub and our partners can help accelerate replacing your existing proprietary applications, improve performance, reduce development time, augment or replace existing systems and provide an extended trusted team to deliver Julia solutions. Leverage experienced resources from JuliaHub and our partners to get your team up and running quickly. For more information, please contact us.
Careers at JuliaHub: JuliaHub is a fast-growing tech company with fully remote employees in 14 countries on 5 continents. Click here to learn more about exciting careers and internships with JuliaHub.
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About JuliaHub and Julia JuliaHub is a fast and easy-to-use code-to-cloud platform that accelerates the development and deployment of Julia programs. JuliaHub users include some of the most innovative companies in a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, automotive, energy, manufacturing, and semiconductor design and manufacture.
Julia is a high performance open source programming language that powers computationally demanding applications in modeling and simulation, drug development, design of multi-physical systems, electronic design automation, big data analytics, scientific machine learning and artificial intelligence. Julia solves the two language problem by combining the ease of use of Python and R with the speed of C++. Julia provides parallel computing capabilities out of the box and unlimited scalability with minimal effort. Julia has been downloaded by users at more than 10,000 companies and is used at more than 1,500 universities. Julia co-creators are the winners of the prestigious James H. Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software and the Sidney Fernbach Award.

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