Dr. Michael Tiller Joins As Senior Director of Product Management for JuliaSim

By Mischa St. Amand | Sep 13, 2023

JuliaHub is pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Tiller has joined our leadership team as the Senior Director of Product Management for JuliaSim, the next-generation, cloud-based platform for model-based design that uses modern scientific machine learning (SciML) techniques and equation-based digital twin modeling and simulation to accelerate simulations by up to 500x.

Michael is a well-known modeling and simulation luminary, one of the contributors to the Modelica modeling language, creator of Modelica University, and author of two books including Modelica by Example, which have collectively been translated into Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. With more than 25 years of expertise at industry-leading organizations like Ford Motor Company and Ricardo, Michael has an unending fascination with new and interesting ways to harness computers and software to improve the way complex engineering problems are overcome.

On LinkedIn, Michael shared, “I'm super excited to announce that I’m starting a new position as Senior Director at JuliaHub! I'll be working on JuliaSim, the next generation of modeling and simulation tools powered by the Julia language and running on the JuliaHub platform. The technology we are developing in this space is quite amazing and I'm really looking forward to seeing this technology in production, helping companies and engineers create better products.”

Comments poured in from his post, including: 

  • “Congratulations! This looks like a perfect match. I discovered JuliaSim recently through this paper while studying next gen' reservoir computing. I was very impressed by what I saw and impatient to experiment with it.”
  • “I have benefited a lot from your "Modelica by Example" eBook, and I look forward to following your work in JuliaHub.”
  • “I think you have an important job in unifying the good ideas and lessons from Modelica, with the adventures of Julia.”

Bringing JuliaSim to the Forefront of Modeling and Simulation Work

In the last year, Michael’s interest in JuliaSim has grown, and his initial focus with the product is to build a platform where the underlying algorithms are open, allowing the community to contribute directly to improving them. Another core priority for Michael is to act as the “voice of the customer” in the ongoing development process for JuliaSim. He plans to actively collect feedback from the community to help drive JuliaSim to make the greatest possible impact and encourages users to share their journey, including any success or roadblocks, with him directly. 

In an interview, Michael spoke about JuliaSim’s impact, saying “My whole career, as an engineer and as a writer, has been focused on promoting modeling and simulation in the engineering community. That goal has not changed. Scientific machine learning – mixing physics with data – is a new frontier that I hope to expand with JuliaSim and open up even more opportunities for modeling and simulation to have an impact in industry.” 

His Thoughts for the Next Generation presentation at JuliaCon 2023 expanded on these thoughts, urging that it is vital to anticipate and adapt to the next wave of breakthroughs, and Michael is doing just that. 

Dedicated to supporting the modeling and simulation community, Michael will remain on the board of the Modelica Association and as President of The North America Modelica Users' Group, a non-profit organization that was established to help grow the community of Modelica Users' in North America.  

Michael said, “Modelica is a mature but relatively stationary technology so it is still useful to many people. JuliaSim is an emerging technology that can go places that Modelica really hasn't, such as scientific machine learning. I don't see any conflict here, and I look forward to what the future holds.”

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