Newsletter April 2019 - New Julia Debugger and Interpreter Released

By JuliaHub | Apr 07, 2019

New Julia Debugger and Interpreter Is Released: The much-anticipated new Julia debugger and interpreter has been released by creators Tim Holy (Professor of Neuroscience at Washington University in St. Louis), Sebastian Pfitzner (Julia Computing, Institut für Physik Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Kristoffer Carlsson (Julia Computing) and Keno Fischer (Co-Founder and CTO Tools at Julia Computing).

The new Julia debugger incorporates JuliaInterpreter, Juno, Debugger, Rebugger, Revise, LoweredCodeUtils and CodeTracking into a fully featured debugger, interpreter and integrated development environment.

The new Julia debugger allows users to:

  • Step into functions and manually walk through your code while inspecting its state

  • Set breakpoints and trap errors, allowing you to discover what went wrong at the point of trouble

  • Interactively update and replace existing code to rapidly fix bugs in place without restarting

  • Use the full-featured IDE in Juno to bundle all these features together in an easy to use graphical interface

For more information, read the creators’ blog post or the article in TechRepublic.

Turing Award Winner Yann LeCun Discusses Julia: Turing Award winner Yann LeCun, Facebook’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist, and Facebook’s Soumith Chintala join the Google Brain artificial intelligence team in recognizing Julia’s advantages for deep learning.

The Google Brain artificial intelligence team came to a similar conclusion last year as they sought to improve on TensorFlow for Python, having narrowed down their alternatives to Swift and Julia: “In the end, we narrowed the list based on technical merits down to Swift, Rust, C++, and potentially Julia. We next excluded C++ and Rust due to usability concerns, and picked Swift over Julia because Swift has a much larger community, is syntactically closer to Python, and because we were more familiar with its internal implementation details - which allowed us to implement a prototype much faster.”

Keno Fischer Conducts Quora Session by Invitation on Machine Learning and Julia: Julia Computing Co-Founder and CTO (Tools) Keno Fischer was invited to discuss the present and future of machine learning and Julia on Quora. Click here to read.

NASA Interviews Viral Shah About Circuitscape: The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) interviewed Viral Shah (Julia Co-Creator, Julia Computing Co-Founder and CEO) about Circuitscape, a computational landscape ecology application built with Julia. Circuitscape applies electrical circuit theory to predict human, animal, plant and genetic migration in response to climate change. Migrating Circuitscape from Python to Julia resulted in an 8x acceleration. For more information, please read the interview with Viral, visit the Circuitscape Website, read the Circuitscape case study on the Julia Computing Website, watch Ranjan Anantharaman’s presentation on Circuitscape at JuliaCon 2018, or visit the Nature Conservancy’s Migrations in Motion map.

Julia Climbs in RedMonk Ranking: Julia rose from #36 to #34 in RedMonk’s ranking of programming languages for Q1


Differentiable Programming with Flux.jl: Mike Innes (Julia Computing) presented Differentiable Programming with Flux at the London Julia User Group Meetup at the Microsoft Reactor in London. Mike Innes and Google Summer of Code participants Neethu Maria Joy and Tejan Karmal also published a blog on Reinforcement Learning vs. Machine Learning on the Flux Website.

JuMP-dev 2019: Stefan Karpinski (Julia Co-Creator, Julia Computing Co-Founder and CTO Open Source) presented on the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Multiple Dispatch at JuMP-dev 2019 in Santiago, Chile.

JuliaCon 2019: JuliaCon 2019 will be held July 22-26 at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Early Bird Ticket Sales are open now.

  • JuliaCon is looking for sponsors and university partners in diversity. Sponsorship is available at several levels and benefits include prominent mention and logo placement at JuliaCon and in JuliaCon conference materials and Website, an opportunity to present to JuliaCon participants, presentation space during the conference and registration for JuliaCon attendees. Past JuliaCon sponsors include the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Microsoft, Maven, Invenia, Julia Computing, Capital One, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Gambit Research, Tangent Works, Amazon, Alan Turing Institute, Jeffrey Sarnoff, EVN and Conning.

  • Financial assistance for registration and travel is available for those who require assistance in order to attend if they are Google Summer of Code (GSoC) students, accepted speakers or attendees who increase the diversity of the Julia community. Financial assistance is limited, so please apply now if you are eligible and if you require financial assistance to attend JuliaCon.

JuliaTeam: JuliaTeam from Julia Computing enables enterprise governance, making it easy and safe to install Julia packages within your firewall, help administrators keep track of what packages and versions are in use and ensure that all your external dependencies are secure and up-to-date.

Upcoming JuliaTeam releases will include these features as well:

  • Read and search docs for all internal and external packages in a single place

  • Create and manage private package registries

  • Publish and test private packages as easily as public ones, making sure new versions work seamlessly with all the other versions of packages that your teams are using

  • Benchmark your code to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible and stays fast

  • Download a summary of licenses of all the software you depend on

For more information, contact Julia Computing.

JuliaDB: JuliaDB is a Julia Computing database product designed for big data. Features include just-in-time compilation, parallel computing, flexible type storage, fast UDFs and a fast CSV parser. JuliaDB in Julia 1.0 describes some of these features.

JuliaAcademy: Julia Computing’s training offerings continue to expand. JuliaAcademy is the Julia Computing training platform for 3 types of learning: self-directed, online instructor-led and in-person onsite training.

JuliaAcademy courses include: Intro to Julia, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Julia, Parallel Computing in Julia, Deep Learning with Flux, Optimization with JuMP and Machine Learning with Knet.

JuliaAcademy provides:

  1. Self-directed training - all online, learn at your own pace

  2. Instructor-led online training - live two-day courses taught by Julia Computing instructors

  3. In-person training - contact us at info@juliacomputing.com to schedule customized in-person training for your organization

Register now for instructor-led online courses. All courses include 8 hours of instruction: 4 hours per day for two consecutive days. Currently scheduled courses are from 11 am - 3 pm Eastern Daylight Time (US).

Course Title and Description Date (11 am - 3 pm EDT) Cost Register
***Introduction to Julia*** April 24-25 $250 Register
***Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Julia*** May 2-3 $500 Register
***Parallel Computing in Julia*** May 8-9 $500 Register

Geostatistics with GeoStats.jl:
 The International Association for Mathematical Geosciences (IAMG) annual conference Aug 10-16 in State College, PA will feature a short course on Geostatistics with GeoStats.jl led by Júlio Hoffimann Mendes (IBM Research).

ODSC East: ODSC East is the world’s leading applied data science conference, with 350+ hours of expert-led, hands-on talks and workshops on machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, machine vision, data visualization and more. Network with 7,000+ peers, demo new platforms from top companies and boost your career, April 30 to May 3, in Boston. Use code ODSC_JuliaCon to sign up.

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