Newsletter June 2019 - Tanmay Bakshi Teaches Julia for Kids and Beginners: A Springboard to Machine Learning

By JuliaHub | Jun 11, 2019

Tanmay Bakshi Teaches Julia for Kids and Beginners: Tanmay Teaches Julia for Kids and Beginners: A Springboard to Machine Learning is available for pre-order on Amazon and is scheduled for release on August 30. Tanmay Bakshi is a 15 year old artificial intelligence developer and instructor who began programming at age 5, started teaching coding and web development online at age 7, created his first app at age 9 and began programming with IBM Watson at age 11.

Julia Joins Upwork List of 20 Hottest Job Skills: Upwork, the world's largest marketplace for freelancers, reports that for the first time, Julia development is among the 20 hottest job skills for which companies are hiring. Julia's debut on the quarterly Upwork index reflects year-on-year growth in demand for Julia developers of more than 170%. This report has been covered by AP, Business Wire, CNBC, Inquirer, JAXenter, TechRepublic and Yahoo Finance .

UK Open Source Award: Yiannis Simillides of Imperial College and the Alan Turing Institute has been shortlisted for the UK Open Source Award for creating FEniCs.jl, the Julia version of a popular finite element package. This work was supported by Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

Alan Turing Institute Releases Machine Learning Toolbox Written in Julia: "The Alan Turing Institute has released a new machine learning toolbox, Machine Learning in Julia (MLJ), which provides a uniform interface enabling users to easily train, evaluate, and tune machine learning models," reports Synced.

Julia for Pharmacometrics: The Future of Modelling and Simulation in Pharmacometrics with Julia by Vijay Ivaturi, Chris Rackauckas and Viral Shah was published in the International Society of Pharmacometrics June newsletter.

NextJournal Launches Julia Season of Contributions (JSoC) Blog: NextJournal has launched the Julia Season of Contributions blog.

Julia Featured in Japan's Web+DB Press: The June 2019 edition of Japan's Web+DB Press features 30+ pages about Julia.

JuliaCon 2019: JuliaCon 2019 will be held July 22-26 at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

JuliaCon is looking for sponsors and university partners in diversity. Sponsorship is available at several levels and benefits include prominent mention and logo placement at JuliaCon and in JuliaCon conference materials and Website, an opportunity to present to JuliaCon participants, presentation space during the conference and registration for JuliaCon attendees. Past JuliaCon sponsors include the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Microsoft, Maven, Invenia, Julia Computing, Capital One, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Gambit Research, Tangent Works, Amazon, Alan Turing Institute, Jeffrey Sarnoff, EVN and Conning.

JuliaAcademy: Julia Computing's training offerings continue to expand. JuliaAcademy is the Julia Computing training platform for 3 types of learning: self-directed, online instructor-led and in-person onsite training.

JuliaAcademy courses include: Intro to Julia, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Julia, Parallel Computing in Julia, Deep Learning with Flux, Optimization with JuMP and Machine Learning with Knet.

JuliaAcademy provides:

  1. Self-directed training - all online, learn at your own pace

  2. Instructor-led online training - live two-day courses taught by Julia Computing instructors

  3. In-person training - contact us at info@juliacomputing.com to schedule customized in-person training for your organization

Register now for instructor-led online courses. All courses include 8 hours of instruction: 4 hours per day for two consecutive days. Currently scheduled courses are from 11 am - 3 pm Eastern Daylight Time (US).

Course Title and Description Cost DATE TIME (EDT)
Parallel Computing in Julia $500 June 20-21, 2019 11:00AM - 3:00PM

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  • Web+DB Press: 今号はRails 6、Julia、見える化を大特集! 6月24日発売です!

  • Yahoo Finance: These Are the 20 Hottest Job Skills Companies Are Looking for Right Now

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