Newsletter June 2020 - Pfizer Uses Julia to Increase Speed Up to 175x for Drug Development

By JuliaHub | Jun 10, 2020

Pfizer Uses Julia to Increase Speed Up to 175x for Drug Development: Pfizer uses Julia to accelerate simulations of new therapies for metabolic diseases up to 175x. More information is available here.

JuliaCon 2020 Goes Online - Register for Free Now to Reserve Your Spot: Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, JuliaCon 2020 has moved online. Please click here to reserve your spot for July 29-31 and for more information. Julia Computing staff will be available online via email and Slack during the conference to answer questions.

2020 Julia User & Developer Survey: The second annual Julia User & Developer Survey is open now. The survey is available in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. Please click here to respond and please forward the link to friends and colleagues who use Julia. Results will be presented during JuliaCon.

JuliaTeam v2.0 Now Available: JuliaTeam v2.0 is now available. JuliaTeam provides enterprises using Julia with governance and private package management. New features in JuliaTeam v2.0 include:

1. New dashboard page with information about new packages, recently updated packages, popular packages and popular tags

2. Improved search and license detection

3. New details page for individual packages with rich description including usage, dependencies, reverse dependencies, contributors and documentation

4. Simpler registration workflow for Gitlab registries

5. Dark mode UI

6. JuliaRun: Multithreading support, job comparison, output handling and UI improvements

7. JuliaRun: Use unregistered packages for jobs

New Free Julia Courses on JuliaAcademy: New Julia courses available for free through JuliaAcademy include Julia for Data Science (Dr. Huda Nassar) and Introduction to DataFrames.jl (Dr. Bogumił Kamiński). Other free Julia courses available through Julia Academy include Introduction to Julia (Dr. Jane Herriman), Foundations of Machine Learning (Dr. Chris Rackauckas), Deep Learning with Flux.jl (Dr. Matt Bauman), Parallel Computing (Dr. Matt Bauman) and the World of Machine Learning with Knet (Dr. Deniz Yuret).

Julia Is Used to Project Hospital Utilization During COVID-19: A new paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences uses Julia to project hospital utilization during COVID-19. The paper is available here and the code is available on GitHub.

Julia for Machine Learning Book Published - Discount Code Available: Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris has published Julia for Machine Learning which joins his earlier volume Julia for Data Science. Both books are available for purchase in PDF, print or ebook. The print and PDF versions are available with a 25% discount using the code JuliaJune.

Stack Overflow 2020 Developer Survey: Stack Overflow has published their 10th annual developer survey of more than 66,000 developers. Julia ranked sixth at 62.2% on the list of languages that developers are currently using and would like to continue using.

Graph Processing Benchmarks: Timothy Lin has published new benchmarks of LightGraphs.jl vs. Igraph, Graph-tool, SNAP and NetworKit. More information is available here.

UMB Grants Pumas-AI Exclusive License for Lyv: University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) has granted exclusive license for Lyv, a dosing app built in Julia, to Pumas-AIPumas-AI is a pharmacology and pharmacometrics startup created by Julia Computing and UMB Professors Vijay Ivaturi and Joga Gobburu. Lyv uses patient data to provide personalized and continuously optimized dosing recommendations for pharmaceutical treatment.

Context Free Interviews Julia Co-Creators and Julia Computing Co-Founders Viral Shah and Jeff Bezanson: Context Free interviewed Viral Shah and Jeff Bezanson about Julia. You can watch the full interview here.

Julia Event Calendars: For the latest information about upcoming online events, please visit the Julia Computing Calendar of Events and the Julia Language Calendar of Events.

Julia Computing Enterprise Products

  • JuliaSure: JuliaSure from Julia Computing provides full service development support, production support and indemnification for companies using Julia. Subscriptions are USD $99 per month. Click here to subscribe.

  • JuliaTeam: JuliaTeam from Julia Computing lets your entire enterprise work together using Julia. Collaborate, develop and manage private and public packages across your organization, manage open source licenses and benefit from continuous integration, deployment, security, indemnity and enterprise governance. Click here for more information.

  • JuliaRun: JuliaRun from Julia Computing helps you scale and deploy Julia using high performance computing (HPC) resources, including large parallel simulations and analyses in the cloud: AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Click here for more information.

  • Pumas: Pumas from Julia Computing is a comprehensive platform for pharmaceutical modeling and simulation, providing a single tool for the entire drug development pipeline. Click here for more information.

Upcoming Julia Computing Online Trainings, Microtrainings and Webinars: Julia Computing provides a number of online Trainings, Microtrainings and Webinars. All are conducted by advanced Julia Computing instructors. Click the links below to register.


Date and Time

Event Type




Introduction to Julia

Wed June 10 & Thu June 11

11 AM - 3 PM Eastern (US)


Julia Computing



Bullish on Fast Code? Julia for Finance

Fri June 12

12 Noon - 1 PM Eastern (US)


Dr. Matt Bauman

Julia Computing



Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Julia

Wed June 17 & Thu June 18

11 AM - 3 PM Eastern (US)


Julia Computing



How to Build a Model Using Flux and Productionize It

Fri June 19

12 Noon - 1 PM Eastern (US)


Dhairya Gandhi

Julia Computing



Parallel Computing in Julia

Wed June 24 & Thu June 25

11 AM - 3 PM Eastern (US)


Julia Computing



Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics Using Pumas.jl

Tue June 30

12 Noon - 1 PM Eastern (US)


Dr. Vijay Ivaturi, Pumas.ai

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy




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