Newsletter March 2024 - Genie Builder Beta Launch - Create Web Apps and Dashboards Easily

By JuliaHub | Mar 12, 2024

Genie Builder Beta Launch: Genie Builder is the new easy way to build and share Web apps and dashboards using JuliaHub. Genie Builder features drag-and-drop UI editing, single-click deployment and hosting and the combined power and ease-of-use of Julia + JuliaHub. Click here for more information.

JuliaHub at International Battery Seminar and Exhibit (IBSE) in Orlando March 12-15: JuliaHub will showcase JuliaSimBatteries at the International Battery Seminar and Exhibit (IBSE) in Orlando, Florida from March 12-15. JuliaSimBatteries is an advanced tool for simulating lithium-ion batteries, integrating electrical, thermal and degradation physics. JuliaHub will also co-sponsor the Volta Foundation Happy Hour on Tuesday March 12. Click here for more information and to register for the International Battery Seminar and Exhibit (IBSE) and click here for more information and to register for the Volta Foundation Happy Hour.

Free Webinars from JuliaHub: JuliaHub provides free one-hour Webinars on a variety of topics. Registration is free but space is limited. Click the links below to register, or watch past Webinars here.



Date and Time


Revolutionizing Battery Quality: Strategies for Battery Defect Mitigation using JuliaSim

Dr. Marc Berliner, JuliaSim Batteries Lead Developer and Dr. Ranjan Anantharaman, JuliaHub Sales Engineer

Tuesday March 19

1-2 pm Eastern (US)


Mastering Interactive Dash Apps with Dash.jl: A Flight Traffic Visualization Journey on JuliaHub

Maja Gwóźdź, JuliaHub and ETH Zurich

Thursday March 21

1-2 pm Eastern (US)


Hands-On Parallelizing Simulations and Parameter Estimation with JuliaSim

Dr. Ranjan Anantharaman, JuliaHub Sales Engineer

Tuesday March 26

1-2 pm Eastern (US)


Advancements in Acausal Modeling with ModelingToolkit v9

Dr. Chris Rackauckas, JuliaHub VP Modeling and Simulation

Tuesday April 2

1-2 pm Eastern (US)


Comparative Analysis of Cell Chemistries with JuliaSim Batteries

Dr. Marc Berliner, JuliaSim Batteries Lead Developer

Wednesday April 17

1-2 pm Eastern (US)


Time Series Forecasting: Predictive Analytics for Future Insights

Phil Vernes, JuliaHub Sales Engineer

Friday April 26

1-2 pm Eastern (US)


JuliaCon 2024: JuliaCon 2024 takes place from July 9-13 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Workshops will take place Tuesday July 9, presentations Wednesday July 10 through Friday July 12 and the hackathon will be Saturday July 13. Click here for more information, to register and to take advantage of early bird pricing.

Barcelona Julia Meetup: Adopting Julia - ASML’s Journey and How to Transition from MATLAB will be held Thursday April 11 in Barcelona. Click here to register. Presentations include:

  • ASML’s Julia Journey - Jorge Vieyra, ASML Senior Development Engineer
  • From MATLAB to Julia: Learnings - Gareth Thomas, VersionBay Co-Founder
  • A Beginner’s Intro to Julia - Pere Giménez, Genie Data Science Advocate

JuliaHub Blog Posts: JuliaHub has published several new blog posts. Click below to read.

Symbolic Numerics: Dr. Chris Rackauckas (JuliaHub VP Modeling & Simulation) has also published a new blog post on symbolic numerics. Click here to read Symbolic-Numerics: How Compiler Smarts Can Help Improve the Performance of Numerical Methods (Nonlinear Solvers in Julia).

Semantic Versioning (Semver): Semantic Versioning (Semver) Is Flawed, and Downgrade CI Is Required to Fix It is another new blog post from Dr. Chris Rackauckas (JuliaHub VP Modeling & Simulation). Click here for more.

Physics-Enhanced Deep Surrogates for Partial Differential Equations: MIT and IBM Find Clever AI Ways Around Brute-Force Math is a new article from IEEE Spectrum about Physics-Enhanced Deep Surrogates for Partial Differential Equations, an article co-authored by Dr. Chris Rackauckas (JuliaHub VP Modeling and Simulation) which was published in Nature Machine Intelligence in December.

This Month in Julia World: Stefan Krastanov’s monthly Julia newsletter contains the latest Julia developments and more. Click here to read.

JuliaHub Consulting Services: Would your organization benefit from a 100x increase in simulation speeds? JuliaSim might be the solution you need. Click here for more information about JuliaSim, and to contact us to learn how JuliaSim can help your business succeed.

Free Compute on JuliaHub (20 hours): In addition to the features JuliaHub has always offered for free – Julia ecosystem search, package registration tools, a dedicated package server – the platform now also gives every user 20 hours of free compute. This allows people to seamlessly share Pluto notebooks and IDE projects with others and let them get their feet wet with computing without having to open up their wallets. Click here to get started or check out Deep Datta’s introductory video, “JuliaHub Is a Free Platform to Start Your Technical Computing Journey”, where he explains how and why to start using JuliaHub for cloud computing.

Converting from Proprietary Software to Julia: Are you looking to leverage Julia’s superior speed and ease of use, but limited due to legacy software and code? JuliaHub and our partners can help accelerate replacing your existing proprietary applications, improve performance, reduce development time, augment or replace existing systems and provide an extended trusted team to deliver Julia solutions. Leverage experienced resources from JuliaHub and our partners to get your team up and running quickly. For more information, please contact us.

Careers at JuliaHub: JuliaHub is a fast-growing tech company with fully remote employees in 20 countries on 6 continents. Click here to learn more about exciting careers and internships with JuliaHub.

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