Newsletter September 2020 - Julia Is Production Ready and 165,000+ Watch Grant Sanderson’s MIT Julia Lectures

By JuliaHub | Sep 14, 2020

Julia Is Production Ready - Q&A with Bogumił Kamiński: GH Warsaw School of Economics professor and DataFrames.jl maintainer Bogumił Kamiński told InfoQ that Julia is production ready. The full interview is available hereGrant Sanderson Teaches Julia at MIT: Grant Sanderson, creator of the popular 3Blue1Brown mathematics YouTube channel (3 million subscribers and 150 million YouTube views), joins Julia Computing Chief Scientist Alan Edelman, David Sanders and James Schloss teaching Julia at MIT. Lectures are available free online, beginning with Week 1: Working with Images in Julia and Convolutions in Image Processing with more than 165,000 combined YouTube views. Course materials are available here.



Tanmay Bakshi in Conversation with Julia Computing’s Viral Shah and Keno Fischer: Tanmay Bakshi invited Julia Computing co-founders Viral Shah and Keno Fischer to discuss Julia - Innovation Starts at the Bottom of the Stack on Tech Life Skills with Tanmay. The full conversation is available here.



Julia at ‘Escape Velocity’ - Jeff Bezanson Talks Julia with Bruce Tate: Julia co-creator and Julia Computing co-founder and CTO (Language) Jeff Bezanson tells Groxio’s Bruce Tate that Julia has reached ‘escape velocity’. Click here to watch the full conversation.

Julia Reaches #28 on TIOBE Index: Julia has reached #28 on the TIOBE Index, #24 on the PYPL Index, #19 on the IEEE Spectrum ranking and ranks #7 in GitHub stars among languages developed on GitHub.

Julia Book by Tom Kwong: Hands-On Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia by Tom Kwong is available now. Learn how to design and develop high-performance, reusable, and maintainable applications using Julia.

Dash.jl Release: Dash.jl is coming to the Julia registry soon. Click here for the latest information.

COVID-19 Testing Using Julia: Tapestry Pooling uses Julia to test more COVID-19 samples faster, resulting in more testing and faster results.

Visualizing COVID-19 Data Using Julia: Vikas Negi published a blog post on Visualizing COVID-19 Data Using Julia. Click here to learn more.

Julia Is Python + C: Julia Computing CEO and co-founder Viral Shah joined Gadgets Now for a Times Techie Webinar which has been viewed more than 91 thousand times. Shah explains, ““If you’re building a new search engine that’s heavily mathematical, or trying to predict the weather, or discovering a new drug, that’s where you use Julia...It’s for very large data sets and where you are building a complex algorithmic application.”

New Julia Benchmarking: Kel Markert published new Julia benchmarks in Comparing Python and Julia for Hydrologic Modeling. According to Markert, “When running the model once compared to Python, Julia is 914.16% faster!!!”

Julia for Predicting Extreme Events on Financial Markets: Dean Markwick from BestX published an article using Julia to predict the impact of extreme events on equity, fixed income and foreign exchange markets. The article is available to BestX clients.

Best Paper Award from Computers & Chemical Engineering: Computers & Chemical Engineering has selected Graph-Based Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems to receive the 2019 Best Paper Award. Jordan Jalving, Yankai Cao and Victor Zavala use Plasmo.jl to present graph-based modeling abstractions for cyber-physical systems.

Julia Poised to Dethrone Python for Data Science and Machine Learning: BuiltIn reports that ‘Julia and Swift are poised to dethrone’ Python for data science and machine learning.

Julia Jobs: There are hundreds of Julia jobs currently listed on Indeed.com and Julia Discourse under Jobs. Orchard Ultrasound Innovation is currently looking for a Senior Software Engineer.

Julia Google Summer of Code (GSoC 2020) and Julia Seasons of Contributions (JSoC) Wrap-Up: There are 15 Julia Google Summer of Code projects this year, as well as a number of additional Julia Seasons of Contributions projects. Check out the GSoC 2020 Wrap-Up for more information.

Kirill Zubov GSoC 2020: General Partial Differential Equation Solver Using Neural Networks

Julia Is Faster and Better than R, Matlab and Python for Economic Research: Alvaro Aguirre and Jon Danielsson of the London School of Economics Systemic Risk Centre benchmarked Julia against R, Matlab and Python for economic research. Julia “doesn’t have any historical baggage, and as a result, the code is clean, fast and less error-prone than the others... Julia [is] the best, followed by R, then Matlab, with Python the worst… Julia was designed with speed in mind, taking advantage of modern compiler techniques, and is generally the fastest of the four … Consequently, it doesn’t require the programmer to use complicated techniques for speeding, called code up, resulting in Julia’s code being both more readable and faster... In conclusion, Julia is generally the fastest and requires the least amount of tricky coding to run fast.”

Gridap - An Extensible Finite Element Toolbox in Julia: Santiago Badia and Francesc Verdugo published Gridap - An Extensible Finite Element Toolbox in Julia in the Journal of Open Source Software. Click here for more details.

Julia Computing Live Training Courses and Webinars: Register today for upcoming Julia training courses and Webinars from Julia Computing.

Event Event Type Presenter Length of Presentation Dates Time Registration Link Cost
Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Using Julia Webinar Dr. Matt Bauman, Julia Computing Director of Applications Engineering 1 hour Thurs Sept 24 12 noon - 1 pm Eastern (US) Register Free
Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics Using Pumas Webinar Dr. Vijay Ivaturi, Chief Scientific Officer Pumas-AI 1 hour Mon Sept 28 12 noon - 1 pm British Summer Time Register Free
Intro to Julia Live Training Course Avik Sengupta, Julia Computing VP of Engineering 8 hours (4 hours per day x 2 days) Wed Sept 30 and Thurs Oct 1 11 am - 3 pm British Summer Time Register $250
Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics Using Pumas Webinar Dr. Vijay Ivaturi, Chief Scientific Officer Pumas-AI 1 hour Thurs Oct 1 12 noon - 1 pm Eastern (US) Register Free
Intro to Julia Live Training Course Dr. Matt Bauman, Julia Computing Director of Applications Engineering 8 hours (4 hours per day x 2 days) Thurs Oct 15 and Fri Oct 16 11 am - 3 pm Eastern (US) Register $250
Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Using Julia Live Training Course Dr. Matt Bauman, Julia Computing Director of Applications Engineering 8 hours (4 hours per day x 2 days) Thurs Oct 22 and Fri Oct 23 11 am - 3 pm Eastern (US) Register $500
Parallel Computing in Julia Live Training Course Dr. Matt Bauman, Julia Computing Director of Applications Engineering 8 hours (4 hours per day x 2 days) Thurs Oct 29 and Fri Oct 30 11 am - 3 pm Eastern (US) Register $500


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  • JaxEnter: Julia - The Programming Language of the Future?

  • BuiltIn: Python Is About to Get the Squeeze

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