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Mergers & Acquisitions

Berkery Noyes is using Julia for mergers and acquisitions analysis

Julia is:

  • 20 times faster than Python
  • 100 times faster than R
  • 93 times faster than Matlab
  • 1.3 times faster than Fortran

Keith Lubell

CTO Berkery Noyes

The Berkery Noyes story is best told through FinTech journalist Anthony Malakian’s interview of Berkery Noyes CTO Keith Lubell for WatersTechnology:

Berkery Noyes “is an independent investment bank that provides mergers and acquisitions advisory and financial consulting to middle-market entrepreneurs in the global information software, marketing services and technology sectors.”

According to CTO Keith Lubell,

As a bank, since our clients are innovative entrepreneurs, we have to be innovative too. We have to be a technology-enabled service, we can’t just be a stuffy old investment bank anymore.

Which is why Berkery Noyes chose Julia.

Under Lubell’s leadership, Berkery Noyes has built “a proprietary system that ties together a customer-relationship management (CRM) platform, an email marketing system, a research database and a workflow system. It is fully integrated and contains 150,000 companies, 50,000 M&A transactions and nearly 200,000 people.”

“Julia is 20 times faster than Python, 100 times faster than R, 93 times faster than Matlab and 1.3 times faster than Fortran,” Lubell says.

“What really excites us,” Lubell says, “is that ... you can write high-level, scientific and numerical computing but without having to re-translate that. Usually, if you have something in R or Matlab and you want to make it go faster, you have to re-translate it to C++, or some other faster language; with Julia, you don’t—it sits right on top. That will be one of our big investments for the coming year.”