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Building Data Apps for Dynamic System Simulations with Genie Builder


Join us for an insightful webinar on leveraging Genie Builder to create dynamic system simulations and interactive dashboards for scientific exploration. In this session, Pere Giménez will guide you through the process of using Genie Builder, to develop a web app for controlling and configuring simulations of a solar panel controller circuit implemented in ModelingToolkit.  

Scientific code often remains inaccessible to stakeholders due to its complexity and lack of user-friendly interfaces. However, with the power of web apps, researchers can now share their code and results intuitively with others. By creating a web app in pure Julia, you can transform your scientific code into an interactive experience, making it easily accessible and shareable online with just a simple link..

During the live demonstration, Pere Giménez will walk you through the step-by-step process of building a dashboard using Genie Builder. Discover how to make your scientific simulations come to life with a graphical interface, enabling real-time interaction and collaboration among stakeholders. 

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Pere Giménez
Data Science Advocate at Genie
As a PhD in Electrical Engineering with a focus on machine learning and signal processing, Pere Giménez brings extensive experience in the development of scientific applications. His research deals with kernel methods, optimization, and power systems. Pere is also skilled in Julia open-source development, cloud deployments, and technical writing. In his current role as a Data Scientist & Developer Advocate at Genie, Pere is actively promoting the Web framework's adoption and assisting researchers and data scientists in transitioning their applications from theory to production.

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