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JuliaHub Dash Apps

You can build and host your Dash apps directly on JuliaHub with a Web server that has access permissions to establish who can see your Dash app.


with Plotly’s Dash.jl

Web Hosting for Dashboard Applications in Julia

Web Hosting

JuliaHub now provides a web server where you can host multiple web-based applications and websites.

Low-Code Dashboards

Featuring Dash.jl as a framework with templates to quickly launch dashboard and analytical web apps.


Sharing and Auth

A mechanism to make your web app completely public or display it only for users who have a password. You decide.

Tumor Classification

Healthcare, MRI, Deep Learning, Classification
Determine whether a brain MRI has a tumor using a convolutional neural network.

Optimizing MRI Scans

Healthcare, MRI, Quantitative MRI, Optimization, Estimation
Optimize MRI scan parameters (flip angles and repetition times) to improve estimates of tissue T1 and T2 values.

Lung Segmentation

Healthcare, CT, Segmentation
Segment X-ray CT chest images by providing manual annotations to a seeded region growing segmentation algorithm.

Modeling Home AC & Solar Charge

Modeling & Simulation, Differential Equations, ModelingToolkit.jl, Thermodynamics, Energy
Simulate home AC energy use compared to the energy generated by solar panels.

Real Estate Data Analysis

Statistics, Data, Real Estate
Compute, analyze, and explore statistics of a real estate properties data set.

Image Processing

Image Processing, Denoising, Filtering, Edge Detection, Transformations
Process images using various techniques, including denoising, filtering, and applying mathematical transformations.

Lung Cancer Survival Analysis

Healthcare, Cancer, Survival Analysis, AFT, Machine Learning, Regression, XGBoost
Use an XGBoost model trained on the NCCTG Lung Cancer Data Set using an accelerated failure time model to predict the survival times of lung cancer patients.

Helmholtz (EOS) Estimation

SciML, CFD, Machine Learning, Symbolic Regression
Using Symbolic Regression techniques, fit HEOS for water, specifically estimating temperature with mass density and pressure values from CoolProp.

Reinforcement Learning to Play Snake

AI, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, DQN
Train a reinforcement learning agent to play the game Snake using deep Q-learning, and then watch it play.

Auto Insurance Claim Prediction

Insurance, Claims, Machine Learning, GLM
Train general linear models to predict the auto insurance claim frequency and the average severity from different predictors.

Movie Review Sentiment

NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Naïve Bayes, Movies
Predict whether a movie review is positive or negative using a Naïve Bayes classifier trained on the IMDB movie reviews data set.

Consumer Clustering

Marketing, Machine Learning, Clustering, ScikitLearn
Use clustering algorithms to divide consumers into different groups based on demographic information and spending habits.