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Advancements in Acausal Modeling with ModelingToolkit v9

Wednesday, May 8th | 1:00 PM ET (US)
JuliaHub-Webinar-Event-Acausal Modeling


Join Dr. Chris Rackauckas, VP of Modeling and Simulation at JuliaHub, for an in-depth exploration of ModelingToolkit v9. Gain hands-on insights through a live demo showcasing key new features, including parameter types, units, and clocks.

Explore advancements in acausal modeling with ModelingToolkit v9 and accelerate your research and development with ModelingToolkit and Julia.

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Christopher Rackauckas - OLD
Dr. Christopher Rackauckas
VP of Modeling and Simulation at Juliahub
Dr. Chris Rackauckas is the VP of Modeling and Simulation at JuliaHub, the Director of Scientific Research at Pumas-AI, Co-PI of the Julia Lab at MIT, and the lead developer of the SciML Open Source Software Organization.