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Automatic Tuning of Structured Controllers Using ModelingToolkit and JuliaSimControl

On-Demand Webinar

Tuning the parameters of control systems can be tedious, especially when you're managing several parameters. As a Control engineer, you often have to meet multiple design criteria, tuning a variety of parameters. We know manual tuning is an arduous task. How can you model your design criteria and perform automatic tuning of multiple parameters to ensure all criteria are met? Enter JuliaSimControl and ModelingToolkit.

This webinar includes a live demonstration where you will learn how to:

  • Model and visualize design criteria (tuning objectives)

  • Automatically tune parameters to meet the criteria

  • Model systems with uncertain parameters to reach a robust design

If you know basic control theory and you're trying to address automatic tuning, this webinar is for you. Register to see how you can make good use of the acausal modeling language of ModelingToolkit for control design and analysis.


JuliaHub Modeling Platform Team - Dr. Fredrick Bagge Carlson, Senior Software Engineer
Dr. Fredrik Bagge Carlson
Senior Software Engineer

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