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Building Data Visualization Apps with Dash and Julia

Building Data Visualization Apps with Dash and Julia - JuliaHub Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

See how you can turn your Julia data outputs into beautiful visualizations with Dash.jl. We will talk about how you can build, deploy, manage, and share interactive dashboards with Dash for Julia.

This video will showcase:

  • Utilizing Julia’s mathematical libraries, data manipulation tools, and general-purpose computing packages in Dash

  • lncreasing operational efficiency by implementing Dash for Julia into an existing data science workflow

Through a couple of simple patterns, you can abstract away all of the technologies and protocols that are required to build a full-stack web app with interactive data visualization. It is simple enough that you can bind a user interface to your code in less than 10 minutes.


Deep Datta
Director of Product Management for JuliaHub

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