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JuliaHub Demo Series

On-Demand Webinar

See a live demo of JuliaHub and bring your questions for our experts.

JuliaHub is the best solution for your teams to experience the power of the Julia ecosystem. With a focus on high performance technical computing, access to over 8,000+ packages, an integrated development environment, datasets, file management, Pluto notebooks, version control, access to CPU and GPU configurations, logs and monitoring solutions, our managed infrastructure lets your teams do what they do best while we manage the technology for your entire Julia stack.

During this demo session, you will:

  • Get a full demo of JuliaHub and how it works

  • Learn how teams are using JuliaHub in their Julia development workflows

  • Have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback to the product team


Deep Datta
Director of Product Management for JuliaHub
Deep Datta recently joined Julia Computing as Product Director. Previously, he was senior product manager at JFrog where he led their partnership team through building DevOps-focused integrations. He also helped the Conan open-source community develop a central repository for C / C++ packages called ConanCenter. With over a decade of startup experience, Deep has worked in product R&D, engineering, and open-source program management.

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