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Revolutionizing Battery Quality: Strategies for Battery Defect Mitigation using JuliaSim

On-Demand Webinar

Manufacturing defects introduce considerable variation among battery cells, challenging the uniformity of production batches. OEMs often struggle to deal with the impact of defects on performance and lifetime prediction. Join Dr. Marc Berliner and Dr. Ranjan Anantharaman to delve deeper into the production process, decoding how manufacturing defects influence key metrics such as performance, and state of health (SOH) by leveraging JuliaSim Batteries GUI.

Practical Insights for Battery Manufacturers and Battery Engineers:

  • Use the JuliaSim Batteries GUI to set up and simulate battery experiments
  • Identify the impact of various defects on overall cell performance, identifying defects which truly matter
  • Learn how to integrate JuliaSim Batteries GUI into your production line, enabling the classification of batches into "high-performance" and "low-performance" cells

The webinar will include a live demo and Q&A session with our team.


Dr. Marc D. Berliner
Lead Developer JuliaSim Batteries
Dr. Marc D. Berliner is the lead developer of JuliaSim Batteries at JuliaHub, Inc. He received a Ph.D. from the MIT Department of Chemical Engineering, where his work focused on high-performance simulation of physics-based lithium-ion battery models, parameter estimation techniques, and optimal charging algorithms,.
Dr. Ranjan Anantharaman
Sales Engineer
Dr. Ranjan Anantharaman is a Sales Engineer at JuliaHub Inc, specializing in JuliaSim's modeling and simulation offerings. He has a PhD in Mathematics & Computational Science from MIT and his expertise lies in shaping the future of simulation workflows with scientific machine learning. Ranjan collaborates with engineering firms, leveraging his background in surrogate modeling for high-dimensional dynamical systems developed at JuliaLab (MIT CSAIL). He has actively contributed to the Julia community, chairing JuliaCon since 2020.

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