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Modern Industrial Modeling Made Easy

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Industrial simulation and modeling requires several disciplines outside of the modeling effort itself. These disciplines include data management, version control, parallel computing, reproducibility, and creating artifacts for other team members to consume. Pulling all this together can be hard. JuliaSim and JuliaHub can combine to assist users in all these domains in order to more easily share insights and build better designs.

  • The JuliaSim package suite

  • JuliaHub Job Outputs for monitoring and results

  • Integrating JuliaHub DataSets to capture and version simulation runs

  • JuliaHub Pluto Notebooks for sharing analysis

  • JuliaHub PrivateRegisteries for sharing packages

In this video, learn how you can modernize your industrial modeling workflow.



JuliaHub Sales Engineer - Jacob Vaverka
Jacob Vaverka
Sales Engineer

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