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Next-Gen Battery Simulation: Solving 1,000 Cell Electrochemical Battery Packs with JuliaSim

On-Demand Webinar

Struggling with slow simulation cycles and limited models when simulating large battery packs? Join Dr. Marc D. Berliner, lead developer of JuliaSim Batteries and Dr. Chris Rackauckas, VP of Modeling and Simulation in this Webinar to solve one of the most pressing challenges in the battery industry - inefficiency in simulating large and complex battery packs using conventional tools. Existing methods and traditional tools sacrifice accuracy for speed to achieve real-time performance at the pack level. JuliaSim Batteries enables faster-than-real-time performance of complex partial differential equations (PDEs) of large battery packs while addressing defects arising from battery manufacturing.

Who must attend: Professionals in the battery industry, including battery manufacturers, researchers, engineers in electric vehicles, renewable energy, consumer electronics, and anyone working on battery pack simulation.

Key takeaways:

  • Efficient simulation techniques for complex battery simulations
  • Explore parametric distributions to understand how manufacturing defects influence overall state of health (SOH) 
  • Demo of simulating large battery packs with 1,000 cells in real time using electrochemical battery models in JuliaSim Batteries 
  • Witness the transformative capabilities of JuliaSim Batteries to empower professionals across diverse industries.

Elevate your battery simulation capabilities, make informed decisions, and accelerate innovation in the dynamic space of battery technology.

Meet Your Speakers

Dr. Marc Berliner
Lead Developer JuliaSim Batteries
Dr. Marc D. Berliner is the lead developer of JuliaSim Batteries at JuliaHub, Inc. He received a Ph.D. from the MIT Department of Chemical Engineering, where his work focused on high-performance simulation of physics-based lithium-ion battery models, parameter estimation techniques, and optimal charging algorithms.
Dr. Christopher Rackauckas
VP of Modeling and Simulation
Dr. Chris Rackauckas is the VP of Modeling and Simulation at JuliaHub, the Director of Scientific Research at Pumas-AI, Co-PI of the Julia Lab at MIT, and the lead developer of the SciML Open Source Software Organization.

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