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Pumas 2.0 for Integrated, Efficient and Scalable Pharmacometric Workflows

On-Demand Webinar

Pharmaceutical Modeling and Simulation (Pumas) includes multiple modules for quantitative analytics in clinical drug development. This webinar will provide a quick overview of the Pumas-NLME module for non-linear mixed effects modeling. We will demonstrate how Pumas-NLME can be used for efficient workflows and integrated with other analytical tools such as Pumas-NCA, Pumas-QsP. You will learn how easy it is to scale your workflows in the cloud via JuliaHub Enterprise. The demonstration includes example workflows that pharmacometricians perform on a daily basis, such as continuous PK, PKPD and discrete data models.


Dr. Vijay Ivaturi
Chief Scientific Officer at Pumas-AI, Inc.

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