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SciML: Scientific Computing + Machine Learning = Industrial Modeling for Engineers

On-Demand Webinar

SciML is the mixture of physical modeling and machine learning. In this webinar, Dr. Chris Rackauckas, Lead Developer of the SciML Open Source Software Organization and VP of Modeling and Simulation at JuliaHub, will discuss how utilizing the structured scientific (differential equation) models together with the unstructured data-driven models of machine learning, can accelerate simulators and help simulators approximate the true systems, all while enjoying the robustness and explainability of mechanistic dynamical models. Learn about the impact of SciML on industrial engineering, the benefits of a SciML approach to modeling, and the difference between SciML and other machine learning techniques.


Dr. Chris Rackauckas
VP of Modeling & Simulation
Dr. Chris Rackauckas is the VP of Modeling and Simulation at JuliaHub.

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