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Time Series Forecasting: Predictive Analytics for Future Insights

Friday, April 26th | 1:00 PM ET (US)

JuliaHub-Webinar-Event-Time Series Webinar


Join us for an insightful webinar on "Time Series Forecasting: Predictive Analytics for Future Insights," focusing on the application of kernel methods in Julia for predictive analytics. Our subject matter expert, Phil Vernes will explore the powerful capabilities of JuliaHub and Kernel Methods in Julia, particularly as utilized by the SciML ecosystem. We will cover fundamental concepts and practical techniques for time series forecasting, emphasizing interpretable machine learning methods.

Key topics include:

  • Utilizing KernelFunctions.jl to construct kernels for ridge regression in Julia
  • Creating and fine-tuning custom kernels tailored to specific time series data
  • Composing kernels using the KernelFunctions.jl API for enhanced predictive modeling 

The webinar is free but spots are limited. Reserve your seat now.

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Phil Vernes
Sales Engineer