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Using Large Datasets in JuliaHub

On-Demand Webinar

Do you or your organization deal with large datasets? Are you looking for a way to address the challenges of processing large datasets - both awkwardness of handling and lengthy processing times? Watch this webinar where we demonstrate how you can process multiple CSV files using DataFrames.jl in JuliaHub.

In this Webinar we will demonstrate how to:

Upload/import large datasets to JuliaHub

  • Load and process those data in Julia

  • Structure the analysis for parallel computing on JuliaHub

  • Use JuliaHub to seamlessly run the computation on hundreds of cores

  • Examine the cluster and the computation status as it runs

  • Post-process the results in Julia

JuliaHub is a modern cloud platform for distributed, cost-effective, and reproducible computing. optimized for Julia.


Dr. Matt Bauman
Director of Customer Success

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