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JuliaSim is the next-generation, cloud-based platform for model-based design. Using modern scientific machine learning (SciML) techniques and equation-based digital twin modeling and simulation, JuliaSim can accelerate simulation by up to 500x.

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JuliaSim is machine learning done right for engineers. Mix scientific knowledge of physical and chemical processes with data to build digital twins that predict better from less data.
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Precision Modeling With Digital Twins Means Faster Production and Lower Costs

Building precise and accurate models is difficult and labor-intensive with current tools. JuliaSim’s unified modeling frameworks for integrating machine learning with traditional simulation in order to overcome the challenge of building predictive models. Pre-start the modeling process with our built-in libraries, use machine learning to automatically discover higher-order physics, swiftly calibrate the digital twin to real-world data, use neural surrogates to accelerate the simulation, and generate highly accurate nonlinear controls for deploying on embedded devices.

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