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A Fresh Approach to Analog Circuit Simulation and Verification

The world of analog circuit design is at the cusp of a significant transformation, and Cedar EDA is leading the way. Our vision is to fundamentally transform and advance the field of analog circuit simulation and verification, empowering designers with cutting-edge, efficient, and customizable tools.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Domain experts, scientists, and engineers can collaborate without duplicate effort, improving communication and productivity.
  • Improved Design Quality: Better understanding of circuit behavior with end-to-end derivatives and faster sweeps.  
  • In-Depth Test Coverage: Comprehensive verification of performance metrics of top-level and internal signals.
  • Early Error Detection: Cedar EDA's tools allow for the early identification of design errors, saving substantial costs associated with late-stage modifications.
  • Accelerate Innovation: The robust and flexible testing environment encourages designers to explore novel solutions without fear of undetected failures.
  • Expanded Talent Pool: A general-purpose, open-source language makes it easier to attract new hires and train existing staff.

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Watch our JuliaCon presentation introducing our Accelerated Analog Circuit Simulator

Fully Differentiable for Machine Learning Integration


Blazing fast simulations

  • Fast, fully-compiled simulator for efficient sweep simulations
  • Supports SPICE and Spectre netlists, and Verilog-A models
  • Understand circuit behavior with end-to-end derivatives
  • Programmable API for netlist modifications and simulation
  • Generate high performance Machine Learning models
  • State-of-the-art performance and massively scalable
  • Supports industry-standard netlist formats and MOSFET models

Reusable, reliable & robust verification

  • Easily increase verification coverage of analog circuits by 100x
  • Robust measurements for complex analog signals with glitches
  • In-depth verification of specifications of top-level and internal signals
  • Combine verification of multiple blocks into one simulation
  • Supports 100s of built in measurements
  • High performance custom measurements
  • Supports common wavefile formats and operating systems

Interested in learning more about Cedar? Want to see how Cedar can help your team? Talk to a member of our Sales Team