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Developer Tools that Merge Science and Technology

JuliaHub is a platform that works with the Julia language to empower scientists, engineers, software developers, and innovators with all the high performance computing power and application development tools they need to realize path breaking ideas — at enterprise scale. Discover, search, build and share packages, and experience effortless parallel computing without infrastructural hurdles.




Julia IDE




Web Apps


Cloud Station

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Access Interactive Notebooks, Team Collaboration Tools, Modeling and Simulation Packages, Web Hosting, High Performance Compute, and the Julia REPL with your free account.

Made for Parallelism and Performance

JuliaHub’s infrastructure supports the Julia language’s natural ability in parallel and distributed computing.

Get access in the JuliaIDE built into VS Code



That allow suspending and resuming computations for I/O, event handling, producer-consumer processes, communicating via multiple channels, and scheduling tasks on several threads.

Composable Multi-threading

To schedule tasks simultaneously on more than one thread or CPU core with shared memory. Julia’s multi-threading is composable.

Distributed Computing

Runs multiple Julia processes with separate memory spaces. These can be on the same computer or multiple computers.

The Julia GPU Compiler

Provides the ability to run Julia code natively on GPUs. There is a rich ecosystem of Julia packages that target GPUs on

Advanced, Cloud-hosted
Interactive Notebooks

Jump right into Pluto notebooks to explore data with Julia, share and work together with your team, and build interactivity with web components — all in the cloud.



Pluto understands variable links between code cells, and will re-run a cell when a dependency changes, giving you a fast and fun way to experiment with your model.

Web Components

Pluto allows users to embed HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as share and render a notebook as a website. All available free on JuliaHub.

GUI Elements

Pluto lets you bind a Julia variable to a GUI element with common widgets like sliders, textfields and buttons. Combined with reactivity, this is a very powerful tool.

Packed with Developer Features

Built for Team Productivity


Enhance Team Collaboration

Projects offers a more efficient, secure way to work together on Julia code, data, notebooks, packages, and resources.

  • Group-based permissions to control who has access to what proprietary work
  • Persistent file system that saves your team’s work and launches on any app or product
  • We also use git behind the scenes to track all changes and allow rollback
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Reproducibility that Lasts Years

All batch jobs are automatically saved, can be added to an archive and returned to anytime for reproducibility. Time Capsule provides users the ability to retain job information that may not be in current use, but is saved from deleting for several years due to regulatory obligations.

  • Batch Jobs Reproducibility: Re-run old jobs with the same environment, settings or data
  • Jobs Archive: Enables you to archive past jobs for a specified length of time set by you
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High Performance Computing on Demand

CloudStation is a configuration feature that allows admins to manage High Performance Virtual Machines. Run jobs with hundreds of nodes in parallel. Choose a machine type to run multiple processes at once and configure resources to manage costs. Turn your laptop into a supercomputer.

  • CPU and GPUs provisioned, managed, and monitored
  • Distributed Jobs allow you to run parallel processes with full control of when to scale up
  • Proprietary Julia products managed by our award-winning team of scientists and developers
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Manage Package Governance and Access

Advanced Package Manager with dependency management and version control built-in. Combined with private registry management tools to store proprietary and custom packages. Checkout some of our most impressive packages built by the vast array of open source developers and technical programmers in the Julia ecosystem.

  • Localized access to every package and version in the Julia registry including documentation
  • Julia Package Server: Keeps all versions of packages up-to-date, helps with one-line installs, and provides the ability to create a local registry with access controls.
  • Policies to block packages that don’t meet regulatory needs
Featured Packages

Still need more reasons to get JuliaHub?


Dashboard that allows you to track the lifecycle of artifacts: data, folders, files, packages, and more...

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Examine the full record of your software events for hassle-free debugging.

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Package Analytics

See metrics around how your proprietary packages are being used in private registries.

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Quarto Reports

Create stunning interactive technical reports in minutes. Share them in various formats.

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Programmatic access to JuliaHub features with powerful functionality and intuitive commands.

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Windows and Linux Workstations

Choose an operating system tailored to your organization's environment.

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Semgrep Static Code Anlaysis

Easy debugging, vulnerability detection, and enforcing code standards.

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Transform the Git+Julia experience in VSCode and improve developer productivity.

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Ask AI

Ask AI - ChatGPT integration with a video of examples.

Video Summary

Get a quick overview of what JuliaHub is and see different platform features in action.

JuliaHub for Enterprise

Time to Scale those Big Ideas

Built from the ground up for businesses that demand high performance compute-intensive workloads, JuliaHub Enterprise provides a seamless direct to cloud experience at unparalleled speeds, with uncompromising security and compliance.


Search everything in one place

  • Public & private code all together
  • Semantic search understands Julia syntax
  • Regex search for really tricky cases
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Develop locally or in the cloud

  • Start batch jobs right in VS code
  • On local machine with JuliaHub plugin or directly in the browser
  • Best of notebook & spreadsheet combined
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Dedicated Package Server

  • Authenticated Private Package Server with public and private packages, binary deps
  • Understand and control what people use
  • Ensure people use secure patched reps
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Scale with ease

  • Grab a 1000-core cluster for Monte Carlo simulations
  • Use a beefy GPU machine to train ML models
  • Built-in support for DataSets.jl

Deploy Julia Apps

  • Build interactive apps & deploy easily
  • Bare Kubernetes app deploys also supported - to the cloud, to existing or air-gapped on-prem k8s clusters
  • SSO-integrated user auth

Reproducibility guaranteed

  • Snapshot code & data when jobs run
  • Time Capsules: Track all dependencies, save docker images
  • Rerun old jobs when needed

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