Newsletter July 2024 | JuliaHub Presentations at JuliaCon - Eindhoven July 9-13

By JuliaHub | Jul 09, 2024


JuliaHub Presentations at JuliaCon: JuliaHub presenters will be part of more than 40 presentations at JuliaCon in Eindhoven July 9-13. Click each link below to read the presentation description.



Date and Time (Eindhoven)

Kristoffer Carlsson

App Support in Pkg

July 10, 15:00

Valentin Churavy, Mosè Giordano, Elliot Saba

BinaryBuilder Birds of a Feather

July 11, 14:00

Elliot Saba

BinaryBuilder 2: Return of the Compilers

July 11, 10:30

Keno Fischer, 

Frames Catherine White

CedarEDA Tutorial: A Fresh Approach to Circuit Simulation

July 10, 11:30

Morten Piibeleht

CodeEvaluation.jl: Emulating Julia Code Evaluations

July 11, 15:10

Chris Rackauckas

Docs, CI Tests, Error Messages, and Interfaces in Julia's SciML

July 10, 15:00

Ashutosh Bharambe

HighDimPDE.jl: Solving High Dimensional PDEs Using Deep Learning

July 12, 11:00

Avik Sengupta

Horus - Robust Background Jobs in Julia

July 11, 10:10

Bradley Carman, Avinash Subramanian

How a Julia Backend Accelerates Model Based App Development

July 11, 16:05

Chris Rackauckas, Michael Tiller

Hierarchical Component-Based Modeling with ModelingToolkit.jl

July 9, 9:00

Sebastian Pfitzner

Infiltrator.jl - No-Overhead Breakpoints in Julia

July 11, 15:00

Matt Bauman

Introduction to Julia

July 9, 9:00

Keno Fischer, Shuhei Kadowaki

Julia Compiler Secrets - Static Analysis

July 11, 15:30

Tim Besard, Valentin Churavy, Katharine Hyatt

JuliaGPU BoF

July 11, 16:00

Panagiotis Georgakopoulos

JuliaHub's AskAI: Enhancing ChatGPT with Julia-Specific Context

July 10, 11:00

Gary Mansouri, Chris Rackauckas, Viral B. Shah

JuliaSim: Bringing Julia to Industrial Modeling and Simulation

July 10, 10:15

Avinash Subramanian

JuliaSim HVAC: Composing Thermo-Fluid Modeling with SciML

July 10 16:00

Michael Tiller

JuliaSim Modeling Language: Composing Complex Systems with MTK

July 10, 11:30

Andrew Claster

Julia User & Developer Survey 2024

July 10, 17:20

Nishanth H. Kottary

Kuber.jl: A Kubernetes Client for Julia

July 12, 15:30

Jameson Nash, Oscar Smith

Memory in Julia

July 10, 14:30

Gary Mansouri, Chris Rackauckas, Viral B. Shah

Model-Based Design for System Product Development

July 10, 10:50

Fredrik Bagge Carlson

Modeling and Simulation of Sampled-Data Systems

July 12, 11:30

Anas Abdelrehim,

Dhairya Gandhi

Modern CI/CD Machine Learning Workflows Using Julia

July 12, 12:00

Chris Rackauckas

Needs and Next Steps for Julia's SciML

July 11, 10:00

Gabriel Baraldi, Jeff Bezanson

New Ways to Compile Julia

July 11, 16:00

Tanmay Mohapatra

OpenAPI.jl for Easy HTTP APIs

July 10, 15:30

Rajeev Voleti

Optimal Cooperative Rendezvous Using AerialVehicles.jl

July 10, 17:20

Fredrik Ekre

Pkg En Route: the Logistics Behind the Package Manager

July 10, 16:30

Tanmay Mohapatra

Policy Enforcement in Julia Enterprise Applications with OPA

July 12, 10:10

Andrés Riedemann, Avinash Subramanian, Vinicius Viena

ProcessSimulator.jl: A Differentiable Chemical Process Simulator

July 10 16:10

Joris Kraak

Reactive Programmer Support Group

July 10, 14:30

Joris Kraak,

Anant Thazhemadam

Renovating Automated Dependency Management in Julia

July 10, 16:00

Panagiotis Georgakopoulos, Krystian Guliński

A Retrospect on Julia Web Services: HTTP, Performance and Memory 

July 10, 15:00

Sathvik Bhagavan,

Sebastian Micluța- Câmpeanu

Robust Calibration of Industrial HVAC and Battery Systems

July 12, 16:00

Fredrik Ekre

Service Monitoring with Prometheus.jl

July 10, 17:00

Kristoffer Carlsson, Lilith Hafner, Elliot Saba

State of Julia 2024

July 10, 9:00

Chris Rackauckas

State of Julia's SciML Ecosystem

July 10, 14:00

Aayush Sabharwal

SymbolicIndexingInterface.jl: Symbolic Indexing for Everyone

July 10, 11:00

Dhairya Gandhi, Julian P. Samaroo

Train a Llama(2) in Julia!

July 11, 10:30

Tim Besard

Updates and Advances in CUDA.jl and oneAPI.jl

July 12, 15:00

Bradley Carman, Venkatesh Prasad

Updates to Standard Library & The Native DSL of ModelingToolkit

July 10, 12:00

Gabriel Baraldi, Cody Tapscott

Writing Allocation-Free Julia Code with AllocCheck.jl

July 11, 11:00

George Datseris, Fredrik Ekre,

Morten Piibeleht

Writing and Maintaining an Exceptional Documentation

July 9, 13:30

JuliaCon 2024: JuliaCon 2024 takes place from July 9-13 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Workshops will take place Tuesday July 9, presentations will be Wednesday July 10 through Friday July 12 and the hackathon will be Saturday July 13. Click here for more information and to register. All presentations will be live streamed on YouTube and edited videos will be posted on YouTube after the conference. The live stream and the edited presentations will be on the Julia YouTube channel and the links can also be found on the JuliaCon Website. If you subscribe to the Julia YouTube channel, you will be notified when the live stream begins.

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JuliaHub’s Dr. Chris Rackauckas Presents Scientific Machine Learning (SciML) to IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CAI): The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers hosted Dr. Chris Rackauckas (JuliaHub VP of Modeling and Simulation) for a standing-room only presentation on scientific machine learning (SciML) at the Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CAI) in Singapore June 25-27. Click here for more information.

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